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30 September 2016

New priorities and strategies for sovereign patent funds

Sovereign patent funds have become key players in the global IP market. However, a shifting economic, legal and political landscape raises questions for the future of this state-backed aggregation model

27 September 2016

First results of IP3 buying spree show up in USPTO database; sellers included Korea’s Intellectual Discovery

The Industry Patent Purchase Program (IP3), the initiative launched in May by AST and a group of major operating companies which was designed to give patent owners a quick and simple way to sell their patents, has bought 78 US patent applications…

26 September 2016

With the “troll” threat reducing, the case for defensive patent aggregation may no longer be as compelling

The week before last I hosted a webinar for IAM Market entitled Readying a Patent Portfolio for Sale: What You Need to Know to Be Successful. Over 350 people signed up to get the materials and the recording, while close to 200 listened live as…

27 May 2016

We will be a very different company in three years’ time, says Spherix CEO after key RPX deal closes

More evidence of a rapidly evolving NPE market came this week in the shape of two announcements from Spherix. The public IP company (PIPCO) which has a slew of Nortel patents in its arsenal, courtesy of two deals with the former Rockstar business,…

20 May 2016

The timing is perfect for IP3’s patent buyers; for sellers the picture is far less rosy

In many ways IP3, the new patent selling platform backed by the likes of Google, Apple, Ford, Microsoft and IBM that was announced on Wednesday, is a product of its time. It’s hard to imagine, say five years ago, Google and Apple jumping into bed…

18 May 2016

Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and 14 others team up with AST to launch new patent buying initiative

A group of major patent-owning companies - Google, Microsoft, IBM, Ford, Apple, Cisco and Facebook among them - have banded together to form the Industry Patent Purchase Program – or IP3 – providing patent owners with a streamlined way of selling…

13 May 2016

Funai continues to explore patent monetisation options with IP Bridge deal

USPTO data suggests that Osaka-based electronics manufacturer Funai has become the latest Japanese corporate to team up with IP Bridge, the operator of the country’s first and to date only sovereign patent fund (SPF). According to the USPTO’s…

04 April 2016

Issue 77 of IAM now out, with a cover story focusing on IV's changing patent monetisation strategy

The latest issue of IAM has now been published and is available online to all our subscribers. The cover story this time around focuses on Intellectual Ventures. For many years, the firm kept its cards close to its chest - rarely speaking to the…

28 March 2016

Taiwan remains a bystander as patent fund activity heats up in China, Korea and Japan

In recent months we have seen a steady churn of activity by Asia’s sovereign patent funds (SPFs). Some are certainly further along than others, but Japan, South Korea and China all have funds at various stages of development – aggregating patents,…

25 March 2016

New Korean sovereign patent fund makes its first move with telecom patent investment

Asia’s newest sovereign patent fund looks to be officially up and running. Last summer, this blog covered the launch of KDB Infra IP Capital by two Korean state-owned banks, with start-up capital of about $89 million. Eight months later, Korean…

24 March 2016

LOT nets Lenovo in further sign of Chinese companies' increasing engagement in global patent market

Lenovo last week became the latest company to join the License On Transfer Network (LOTNet), a coalition of IP owners that pledge to grant fellow members a licence to any patents they assign to patent assertion entities (PAEs). The Beijing…

17 March 2016

Investor issues stinging rebuke of RPX strategy and presses for major changes

Mangrove Partners, an investment firm that has thus far made its name in the IP world by filing a series of IPRs against VirnetX, has written a highly critical letter to RPX’s Board of Directors as it looks to address what it sees as a number of…

29 February 2016

This is the year the US patent pendulum swings back - how you should react

It’s been tough going for patent owners in the US over recent years, with legislation, the courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the USPTO increasing uncertainty over validity and enforcement; this has reduced the incentives alleged…

26 February 2016

A new defensive patent network aims to offer more flexible alternative to LOTNet

The Clearing House and its subsidiary Askeladden LLC are finalising plans to launch a new defensive patent network designed to give operating companies greater protection from patent infringement lawsuits, particularly from NPEs. While The Clearing…

11 February 2016

Korea will need more than litigation risk reduction to put its IP rights balance firmly in the black

The License On Transfer (LOT) Network announced last week that it has welcomed Hyundai Motor and its affiliate Kia Motors as its first new members in 2016. As well as being the second and third automotive OEM companies to sign up to the alliance…