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29 January 2008

Increasing flexibility and attractiveness: the ratification of the London Agreement

The European Patent Convention, signed in Munich on October 5 1973, provided a legal framework for the granting of European patents through a centralised delivery procedure to the European Patent Office. A single patent application in one language may be filed with the European Patent Office, which then examines the patentability of the invention.

29 January 2008

Bucking the trend: new developments in the IP field

Since the publication of IP Value 2007 the South African IP field has been active and there have been numerous new developments, regarding both legislation and case law.

29 January 2008

Royal(ty) succession: the evolution of IP-backed securitisation

In recent years the securitisation of various types of intellectual property has evolved from a small niche market utilised by individual artists or thinly capitalised companies to a broader corporate financing tool used to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, stock buy-backs and risk transference to investors.

29 January 2008

Patent enforcement: licensing and litigation considerations

The value of owning patents continues to grow in the United States. As Alan Greenspan recently observed, “The economic product of the United States has become predominantly conceptual”.

29 January 2008

The ever-expanding extraterritorial reach of patents

For the most part, patent litigation is a domestic issue. Although today there is much talk of international patent litigation, in practice the international aspect is often confined to organising litigation in various countries.

29 January 2008

IP law adapts to address new challenges

The last 12 months have seen some interesting developments in Swedish IP law, including significant changes to the patent legislation and a government inquiry into copyright protection for music and film on the Internet, as well as a number of interesting judgments.

13 October 2006

IP leaders positive about China's future

IAM reporter Liz Rutherford-Johnson attended an afternoon seminar at the London offices of law firm Linklaters, entitled: “Chinese Opportunity: Successful Business Development in China”. Speakers were Ian Harvey of the Intellectual Property…