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20 March 2019

An overview of the INPI’s measures to reduce the patent backlog

The backlog of pending patent applications is a huge concern for the Brazilian National Industrial Property Office and is having a severe knock-on effect on applicants. By the end of 2015, 242,223 patent applications were still pending a decision in the first instance.

13 March 2019

Is minimum term for patent protection affecting competition in Brazil?

A paragraph in Article 40 of the Industrial Property Law states that protection is provided for at least 10 years for an invention patent and seven years for a utility model patent, counting from the date of grant. There are strong grounds to argue that the legal provision in question has introduced a compensation mechanism for applicants to prevent them from losing out because of the patent application backlog.

07 March 2019

More technology transfer needed for effective climate change mitigation  

Patent focus has shifted to energy storage as cost-effectiveness achieved for wind and solar power, but the failure to address the role of IP hinders transfer mechanisms    

06 March 2019

Pre-examination of patent applications shows rise in INPI’s productivity

Given the size of the patent backlog in Brazil, the National Institute of Industrial Property launched a programme last year to simplify and streamline patent application examination. One year on, it has helped to reduce the number of pending applications, but there is still far more work to be done.

06 March 2019

The state of play in the global IP market

IAM's annual benchmarking survey is designed to identify the key concerns of senior decision makers in areas such as deal-making, valuation, patent office performance, top litigation venues and policy 

27 February 2019

New INPI president looks set to shake up IP system

The National Institute of Industrial Property has become one of seven special secretariats of the new Super Ministry of the Economy, while Claudio Vilar Furtado has been appointed president. The reorganisation is part of the new government’s plan to cut red tape and boost the economy.

20 February 2019

Public consultation on biotech patent examination guidelines

The National Institute of Industrial Property has launched a long-awaited public consultation on a proposal for new examination guidelines for patent applications in the biotechnology sector, which aims to promote innovation.

13 February 2019

INPI and JPO renew Patent Prosecution Highway agreement: applicants benefit from extension of covered technical fields

The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office and the Japan Patent Office formalised the renewal of the Patent Prosecution Highway pilot project, which continues the provision of fast-track patent examination procedures and the sharing of information from examinations conducted by both offices.

23 January 2019

Welcome to the future of patents

New IAM research reports identify the key trends shaping the global IP market – and tell you how to respond

11 January 2019

The global patent market in 10 charts

The key takeaways from WIPO’s 2018 IP indicators report   

30 November 2018

Time is running out to nominate the world’s leading IP strategists

There is not much time left to make nominations for the 2019 edition of IAM Strategy 300, our exclusive guide on the world's best IP strategists.

22 October 2018

Trade secret worries stall $4.1bn Chinese acquisition in Chile

Stake in mining giant would shore up China’s position in the battery tech supply chain. But top shareholder tells Chile’s highest court that the investment could result in loss of trade secrets.

26 September 2018

Industrial property renewed in Mexico: risks and challenges for applicants and practitioners

The year 2018 will be remembered as the time in which the Mexican industrial property system underwent its most significant changes in nearly 25 years.

25 September 2018

Patenting in Brazil

The Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has been facing an application backlog problem for a long time.

25 September 2018

Turrialba cheese: a tasty designation of origin

Geographical indications have allowed for trademark protection within numerous multilateral, bilateral and regional trade agreements.