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13 June 2017

Patenting stem cells and genes in Europe

The past few decades have seen major progress in the fields of medicine and molecular biology, leading to the filing of numerous patent applications involving (among other things) human stem cells and gene sequences. The ethical, economic and…

13 June 2017

Protection and enforcement of second medical use claims

Second medical use claims have become the second most important claim category – next to product claims – for therapeutics. Second medical use claims provide the required protection for originator companies to recoup research investments in…

29 May 2017

ZTE litigation chief says NPEs shifting to Germany and China; details company's plans to hit back

Appearing at a recent conference in Taiwan, ZTE’s top patent litigator Oliver Hu suggested that the shift of NPE litigation from the US to Germany and, eventually, China is now well underway. Hu also elaborated on ways for Chinese companies to use…

24 March 2017

German NPE litigation boom is real, says new study; while China's potential begins to show

Recent research from IP analytics firm Darts-ip has identified China and Germany as the two major patent jurisdictions in which NPEs enjoy the most success in infringement proceedings. However, the relatively low volume of cases being filed by NPEs…

08 March 2017

The (high) value of second medical use patents: practical example

Second medical use claims can be of significant value for the patent owner, particularly when defining effectors of a medical target by their functionality. This report discusses the commercial value of second medical use claims based on an example from practice.

08 February 2017

The (high) value of second medical use patents: legal background

Second medical use claims can be of high value for the patent owner, particularly when defining effectors of a medical target by their functionality. This report considers several questions raised by the definition of a compound in use claims.

01 November 2016

Germany pours cold water on takeover bids as concern regarding China’s IP-driven M&A activity spreads

A number of prospective Chinese takeovers of German high-tech businesses have been suspended by Berlin pending further investigation of their potential economic impact and national security implications. The German government’s intervention does not…

18 October 2016

Sanan Opto's $8.2 billion bid for Osram would give it significant patent clout – if it goes ahead

Sanan Optoelectronics’ rumoured €7.3 billion buyout of Osram could prove to be the largest Chinese takeover of a foreign patent portfolio yet. That is, if the proposal manages to clear the regulatory, political and competitive hurdles it is almost…

17 October 2016

Meizu warns of “crisis” for Chinese industry as Qualcomm files new patent complaints in US and Europe

Qualcomm on Saturday announced that it has expanded its assertion campaign against Meizu, the largest Chinese smartphone maker yet to conclude a licence agreement with the US chipmaker since its 2015 settlement with Chinese regulators. The move…

12 October 2016

Litigation strategy in the Unified Patent Court

Most patent infringement cases in the European Union are still litigated in one country only. This is widely regarded as a disadvantage, particularly in comparison to litigation in the United States, which constitutes a much bigger market than any…

12 October 2016

NPE patent litigation in Germany: recent trends and strategies

Traditionally, patent litigation initiated by non-practising entities (NPE) has focused predominantly on the US market. However, in view of recent changes in the US patent system (eg, inter partes reviews) and case law, the balance has shifted in…

12 October 2016

Software patents and red pigeons

Software is a field of technology that is closely akin to mechanical engineering, mining, chemistry and pharmacy, as there are few differences between these fields in terms of patenting. However, in past years there has been much ado about nothing…

21 September 2016

IAM's first event for senior executives in the pharma and biotech sectors takes place in Munich this November

Senior corporate IP experts, litigation specialists and patent counsel will convene for Pharma and Biotech IP Summit in Munich on 3rd November 2016 to explore, compare and create strategies that designed to maximise the value of their intellectual…

19 September 2016

A UPC post-Brexit will take years to build and not just because of the UK - keep an eye on Germany too

IAM is currently in Milan for the AIPPI World Congress and a topic of much discussion here is the future of the unitary patent system following June’s Brexit vote.  After years of hard work and the expectation of its implementation over the coming…

01 August 2016

Efficient infringement and the undervaluation of standard-essential patents

Faced with the growing problem of efficient infringement and the difficulty of obtaining adequate protection from the courts, US owners of standard-essential patents need to develop creative strategies to protect the value of their rights