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28 May 2019

US biotech aims to curb China’s genomics leader with pair of European lawsuits

Shenzhen BGI was once the biggest purchaser of Illumina’s gene sequencing machines. Now the two are on opposite sides of an expanding patent battle

24 May 2019

What do recent SPC decisions mean for life sciences companies?

Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) play an important role in the patent strategies of many companies in the life sciences sector, but a series of European court decisions has given IP in-housers food for thought when looking to obtain SPCs.

16 May 2019

As Broadcom steps up its assertion strategy, German suit against Nintendo spills over into US court

Chip giant looks to force rival Nvidia to disclose details on technology that the Japanese games company claims invalidates litigated patent

14 May 2019

Clinical trial disclosures – an obstacle to patentability in Europe

Innovative pharmaceutical companies are faced with a dilemma when seeking patent protection at the European Patent Office for novel medical use or compound claims.

02 May 2019

Avanci’s success suggests that patent pools have a bright future. If only the HEVC community would get the message

News that five more Volkswagen brands have signed up to the IoT platform underline strengths of a pooled approach in providing transparency and certainty to SEP licensing

18 April 2019

As Apple and Qualcomm reach a deal, five takeaways from the IP story of the year

The prize of certainty, the big question over Huawei and America’s search for a 5G champion comes to a close

17 April 2019

SEPs in the auto industry – the case of 5G

Similar to the transition in the mobile phone industry from feature phones to smartphones, we will see shifts and profit redistribution within the auto industry. Most market experts predict dramatic changes in this market as a result of disruptive technology trends such as self-driving vehicles, electrification and connectivity via technologies like 5G.

16 April 2019

Breaking – Apple and Qualcomm agree settlement

News of six year licence, chipset supply deal, and payment from iPhone maker send chip giant’s shares soaring

15 April 2019

Five key takeaways from Avanci's breakthrough licensing deals with Audi and Porsche

From the importance of bringing Nokia on board to the prospects of an agreement with one of the major American or Japanese manufacturers, we tell you what you need to know about the news of the platform's German transactions

13 April 2019

Avanci secures deals with Audi and Porsche

In a major breakthrough for the licensing platform, two of Germany's most iconic motor marques agree to pay royalties to access the patents it offers

11 April 2019

Litigation and eligibility: Germany

About 1,000 infringement actions on the merits are filed before a German venue every year. Where infringement is found, an injunction is granted by law. As well as a verdict based on an infringement action on the merits – which usually takes between six and 18 months to be issued – a preliminary injunction can be declared by the courts in as little as 24 hours.

11 April 2019

A deep dive into the Toyota portfolio

After the Japanese auto giant’s announcement that it will make 24,000 patents available for licensing royalty-free, we look at its assets reading on vehicle-electrification technologies

04 April 2019

Daimler's Nokia complaint may throw light on how EU SEP communication is working

German car giant brings complaint against Finnish company in effort to get clarification around licensing of mobile standard essential patents in the auto sector

03 April 2019

Who is patenting AI technology?

When we think of AI, we think of pop-culture’s depiction of an existential threat to mankind. While the reality is much less dramatic, it is important to be aware of how integrated AI already is in everyday life. This article looks at patent filing trends for AI technology and what this means for businesses. 

25 March 2019

Broadcom’s lawsuits against the auto industry escalate, but other patent owners stay out of court

Filings against Daimler and BMW follow court actions against Toyota and VW - and it could only be a matter of time before others start to get more assertive