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22 June 2015

Pressure intensifies on India over software and pharma patent protection in key Asian trade negotiations

The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has grabbed its fair share of headlines in both Asia and the Americas after the US House of Representatives’ dramatic rejection of a key part of the package. But although intellectual property features…

19 June 2015

We will offer equitable deals to any company and litigate regardless of nationality, says IP Bridge CEO

Earlier this month, IAM reported on two significant patent portfolio acquisitions made by Japanese 'sovereign patent fund' IP Bridge. At the time, I wrote that the fund's progress "has largely been shrouded in mystery" and that "many…

18 June 2015

US patent leadership may be over and the IP market is changing, but opportunities abound

Unsurprisingly, one of the key themes at this year’s IPBC in San Francisco was that the US market is in a state of serious flux. There was no consensus on whether the pendulum has swung too far against the interests of patent owners – your views on…

17 June 2015

A new approach to the reform debate; China's IP future; the European tide; and much more at IPBC Global Day 3

IPBC Global in San Francisco is now finished, but only after another compelling day of sessions, networking and discussion. Here, IAM’s editorial team – Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jack Ellis and Sara Jayne Clover – pick out a few of the highlights: …

16 June 2015

IAM names the top patent lawyers, attorneys and firms in 41 key jurisdictions across the world

The IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2015 – a unique guide that identifies the top patent practitioners and firms in key jurisdictions around the globe – is now online. Recognised as the definitive directory exclusively…

16 June 2015

Patent values about to climb, heroic inventors, the US's patent failure, hope for SMEs, and much more at the IPBC

The first full day of the IPBC Global in San Francisco is now done and dusted. Here, IAM’s editorial team – Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jack Ellis and Sara Jayne Clover – pick out a few of the highlights from the sessions and from the conversations…

14 June 2015

IPBC 2015 begins on Sunday in San Francisco; so much has changed since the event was last here four years ago

The sold-out IPBC Global 2015 gets underway on Sunday 14th June at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco with the opening reception, which will take pace under the glass roof of the iconic Garden Court. We have 675 delegates joining us for what promises…

11 June 2015

IAM ’s unique guide to the world’s top IP strategists now online and features in-house experts for first time

The latest edition of IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists is now available online. As in previous years, it lists individuals that in-depth research has shown to possess world class skills in the development and roll-out of…

11 June 2015

Australia looks set to rethink its utility model regime after study suggests net cost to the economy

Australia’s Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP), an independent body, has recommended that the government consider abolishing the second-tier ‘innovation patent’. The recommendation comes on the heels of a study by IP Australia’s Office…

09 June 2015

As the Americans look set to abdicate global patent leadership Europe has an exciting opportunity

A perfect patent storm is brewing for Europe. The creation of the unitary patent system – with one patent covering an economically advanced  territory of around 600 million people and a single court system, with the potentially wide availability of…

08 June 2015

Boeing changes course as it looks to aggressively grow its licensing business

Boeing may have a world famous brand and have been a leader in the aerospace industry for almost 100 years, but it is not as well known when it comes to IP and the monetisation of its large portfolio. But having re-thought its IP strategy several…

07 June 2015

There are now very serious questions to be asked of that Bessen and Meurer $29 billion NPE costs claim

We sometimes get accused of being opposed to patent reform in the US. But that is not fair. Our position is a little more nuanced than that. We not only believe that the US patent system – for all its flaws – has been one of the reasons why the US…

05 June 2015

US patent reform passes a key Congressional hurdle but still faces significant challenges

It is a truism of US politics that one of the hardest things in Washington DC is getting a bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote. In that respect patent reform took a major step forward yesterday as the PATENT Act, the bill introduced last…

01 June 2015

China’s jaded judges underscore why the country is yet to fulfill its patent market potential

Chinese judges are reportedly quitting the bench in their hundreds as they grow increasingly disenchanted with perennially low pay and political interference in their work. The disillusionment of the judiciary underlines one of the significant…

29 May 2015

Asian companies flock to the PTAB, but China for once lags behind

An interesting piece of research has been carried out by Japanese IP service company NGB looking at the leading filers from Asia of inter partes reviews (IPR) at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Using data from Lex Machina and Unified Patents, NGB…