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23 April 2015

Buying time, quality over quantity, the gathering litigation storm and more from IPBC China 2015

There were over 250 attendees at a packed-to-the-rafters IPBC China, which took place this week at the Shangri-La Hotel in Haidian, Beijing. Delegates, mostly local IP professionals working inside major Chinese businesses, participated in a series…

09 April 2015

If pharma has high-quality patents IPRs should not be an issue, says hedge fund investor

Perhaps the patent story of the year so far has been the inter partes reviews (IPR) launched at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) against a series of pharmaceutical patents by hedge fund investors. Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital…

01 April 2015

Japan's uneasy relationship with patent monetisation is the cover story in the latest issue of IAM, published today

Issue 71 of IAM has been published online and is available for subscribers to view. The cover story focuses on the uneasy relationship that Japanese companies have with IP monetisation. Although they have built some of the world’s biggest patent…

31 March 2015

With so much fear surrounding the PIPCO sector, now is the time to be greedy, says leading IP investor

Mark Argento is a founding partner of boutique investment bank Lake Street Capital Markets and one of the leading analysts of public IP companies (PIPCOs). The businesses he covers include Acacia Research, TiVo, Unwired Planet and Vringo. He…

27 March 2015

IBM has sold over 15,000 patents since 1991; Google is its biggest customer

There is no doubt that IBM has been a trailblazer in IP value creation – first as a pioneering patent and technology licensor beginning in the 1990s; and, more recently, as a significant source of patents for other companies looking to bolster their…

24 March 2015

InterDigital reveals that, like Qualcomm, it is reworking relationship with IEEE after introduction of new patent policy

In February the standards setting organization the IEEE announced a number of significant changes to its patent policy – the terms which govern the licensing of a range of standard essential patents, particularly in the Wi-Fi space. Those changes…

14 March 2015

Former USPTO head Kappos offers devastating critique of overly broad patent reform

In a speech in Washington DC on Friday, former USPTO Director David Kappos pulled no punches as he critiqued the case for the kind of broad-based reform of the patent system proposed by the Goodlatte Innovation Act. Speaking at the LeadershIP…

13 March 2015

Patent reform on a knife-edge; Germany's growing appeal; PIPCO consolidation; and other highlights from NPE 2015

Yesterday, IAM hosted the NPE 2015 conference at the Convene Center in New York’s Financial District. Close to 200 delegates attended the event, including ,many senior leaders at public and private NPEs, inventors, investors, DC lobbyists, analysts…

13 March 2015

If China is to become a prime patent litigation venue, damages need to be addressed

As this blog reported last week, China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) is weighing changes to the country’s patent law. In particular, He Zhimin, deputy commissioner of the State IP Office (SIPO) has floated the possibility of higher compensation…

06 March 2015

Europe's "injunction gap" may not be the problem Google, Microsoft, Intel et al claim it could be

Earlier this week the UPC Industry Coalition – a group of companies including Microsoft, Google, HP, ARM, Intel and Adidas, that is focused on developments around the creation of Europe’s unified patent court (UPC) system – launched a website in…

04 March 2015

Our unique event for and about NPEs takes place in New York next week; just a handful of delegate places remain

There are now just a handful of delegate places let for NPE 2015 – The Business of Responsible Licensing, which is taking place in New York’s Financial District next Thursday, 12th March. Close to 200 people have now confirmed they will attend…

27 February 2015

From across the Atlantic, Goodlatte’s fee-shifting plans look far less onerous than the UK’s “English rule”

One of the key differences of the American legal system compared with the UK one is the difficulty of claiming costs from the losing side in a lawsuit. Generally speaking, in the US you can’t do it; while in the UK you can - hence the term the …

24 February 2015

IP Market 2.0 is going to be a lot more international than the previous US-centric one

We’re less than two months into 2015 and I have already made trips from the UK to the US and China. Along the way I have had a fair few conversations with various IP market participants about where things stand. The overall view is that change is…

22 February 2015

If patent reform is about tackling bad plaintiff behaviour and poor quality, where is the evidence that either is a serious problem?

Last week the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published an opinion piece headlined Innovation Act Needed More Than Ever As Patent Trolls Roll On. It claimed that figures recently released by Unified Patents show that patent trolls filed 250…

19 February 2015

Apple, Samsung and Google the most frequent filers of IPR petitions, new research shows

The huge popularity of post-issuance proceedings has been one of the biggest changes in the patent market following the introduction of the America Invents Act in 2011. The uptake of inter-partes reviews (IPRs), in particular, has been well…