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06 May 2018

Israel's innovation story is extraordinary, but just assuming it will continue would be a big mistake

Series of unique factors contributed to country's status as start-up hub but there are growing signs that more needs to be done to preserve it. 

03 May 2018

The UPC now looks like a racing certainty, but don't bet on UK being part of the unitary patent regime

Last week the UK ratified the Unified Patent Court agreement. It was a surprise move that caught many off guard; but although it does take Europe closer towards getting a one-stop patent litigation regime, much still needs to happen before this…

29 April 2018

The UK's UPC ratification could well provide a clue as to how Brexit as a whole will play out

The UK’s announcement on 26th April – World IP Day – that it had ratified the agreement creating the Unified Patent Court caught many off-guard. With Brexit now less than a year away and a delay to Germany's accession caused by a complaint in…

26 April 2018

The inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2018 have been announced

A pioneer in Asia, a renowned US judge and the head of IP at one of the world’s most innovative companies are this year’s inductees into the IP Hall of Fame. Ella Cheong, Richard Linn and Kevin Rhodes were selected to join the pantheon by the IP…

25 April 2018

Patent hold-out is our number one challenge, says Ericsson CIPO in build-up to this year's IPBC Global

The clock is ticking down to IPBC Global 2018, which is being held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco from 10th to 12th June. As ever, we have a stellar speaking faculty for the event. This not only features keynote speakers Anderi Iancu, Sue…

19 April 2018

Cost remains top priority and concern for most patent owners in Taiwan

Managing limited budget resources remains concern number one for most corporate patent owners in Taiwan – with just a handful of exceptions proving the rule. That was the biggest takeaway on Tuesday as over 200 senior executives from the private and…

13 April 2018

USPTO Director Iancu has powers to significantly reform PTAB processes unilaterally, but will he?

The speech given earlier this week by USPTO Director Andrei Iancu at the US Chamber of Commerce on the current state of the US patent system has quite rightly attracted a fair amount of press (you can see our take here). He returned to some familiar…

03 April 2018

Full judgment in Huawei v Samsung details why Shenzhen court hit Korean company with SEP injunction

Last January, the Intermediate People's Court of Shenzhen hit Samsung with an SEP injunction as part of the Korean company's sprawling international patent dispute with Huawei. It was just the second such decision in China. Previously, the…

03 April 2018

Life sciences IP round-up: March 2018

It was a busy March for the global life sciences sector. In our monthly round-up of the news, we report on the big developments – and predictions – in the CRISPR patent arena, Novartis’ $13 billion deal with GSK, the prevalence of compulsory…

02 April 2018

Yes, foreign plaintiffs enjoy good odds in Chinese patent trials - but appeals are another matter entirely

A big challenge faced by foreign patent owners operating in China is that it can be hard to get a reliable picture of what exactly is happening across a sprawling judiciary that heard more than 12,000 patent cases in 2016. In the latest issue of IAM…

28 March 2018

What we have been covering in IAM over the last seven days

This week IAM focused on a major challenge for Ericsson as the Swedish company launched a suit in Texas against LG that will put its patent portfolio under further scrutiny just months after a decision in California raised questions about its value…

25 March 2018

Trump may have postponed his IP trade war with China, but both sides are still playing for very high stakes

Last Thursday, President Trump set out a series of measures that the US is set to pursue against China over alleged violations of American-owned intellectual property. They were wide-ranging, but perhaps not as deep or as far-reaching as some may…

19 March 2018

Debunking an IPR myth - reviews have a nominal impact on the overall cost of litigation

There is no more controversial subject in the US patent world right now than the inter partes review (IPR) regime. The patent death squad or the killer of bad patents, you decide. But one thing everyone can agree on, surely, is that IPRs have saved…

18 March 2018

With a year to go before Brexit, swashbuckling, buccaneering Britain has a patent problem

In just over a year the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union. According to those who fought for such an outcome during the 2016 referendum campaign, and have been responsible for implementing the result ever since as senior government…

15 March 2018

Only a few days left to claim your chance to win a free IPBC Global delegate place

There is not much time remaining to complete IAM’s annual IP benchmarking survey, which closes on 18th March. Those who do will be entered into a draw to win a complimentary delegate place at this year’s IPBC Global in San Francisco in June. The…