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30 July 2018

Steep rise in the number of oppositions at the EPO matches a surge in grants

The number of oppositions proceedings at the European Patent Office is on the rise – with numbers for 2017 exceeding anything that has previously been seen. But while some may point to this indicating a decline in the quality of grants at the office…

20 July 2018

China and South Korea will displace the West as the world’s innovation leaders by 2029

New report claims status of US, EU and UK as leading innovators under threat as they struggle to maximise return on R&D investment. 

18 July 2018

Delrahim confirmed as keynote speaker at IAM's annual patent licensing event in September

Makan Delrahim, the assistant attorney general for the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice, has been comfirmed as the keynote speaker at Patent Licensing 2018, IAM's annual event focusing on the key issues affecting licensees and…

11 July 2018

Artificial intelligence and the future of the patent system

There are myriad issues facing the global patent system which, if not addressed, could lead to a decline in its use.  Ed White of Clarivate Analytics argues that a close focus on AI can help to mitigate these issues.

07 July 2018

All the big legal, market and deals news from the life sciences sector in June

In June’s round-up of life sciences-related news, we report on the US Supreme Court’s decision to grant certiorari in the Helsinn Healthcare v Teva Pharmaceuticals Section 102 dispute, but not in the Cleveland Clinic’s Section 101 case against True…

01 July 2018

Battistelli's achievements overshadow the mistakes he undoubtedly made

A new era gets underway at the European Patent Office tomorrow when Portugal’s Antonio Campinos takes over as its president in succession to Benoît Battistelli, who stepped down on Friday having been in charge since 2010.   It’s fair to say that…

26 June 2018

The USPTO passed up a “golden opportunity” with its Raytheon 10 millionth patent award, expert claims

The USPTO missed out on a significant chance to have a major impact with its choice for the 10 millionth patent, according to Matt Troyer, director of patent analytics at IP services provider Anaqua. “The news definitely made some noise,” he told…

22 June 2018

Qualcomm, France Brevets and IP Europe join forces to create a new funding initiative for European SMEs

A new financing and advisory mechanism to help innovative European SMEs secure high-quality patents and build effective portfolios will be rolled out across Europe in 2019, it was revealed today. The creation of Patent Factory Europe (PFE) was…

13 June 2018

The Battistelli legacy, China concerns, gambling opportunities and a whole lot more from IPBC Global 2018

The sessions on the third and final day of IPBC Global 2018 have now finished; and, like yesterday, the action has come thick and first across a variety of plenaries, breakouts and masterclasses. The members of IAM’s editorial team on the ground at…

12 June 2018

Iancu makes 101 waves, US woes, GE CIO hails licensing revolution and more from IPBC Global 2018

The Monday plenary, breakout and bootcamp sessions at IPBC Global 2018 are now all done. The members of IAM’s editorial team on the ground at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco - Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd, Jacob Schindler, Bing Zhao and Adam…

11 June 2018

Live from San Francisco, it's IPBC Global 2018

IPBC Global got underway yesterday in San Francisco with a special lunch to honour this year's indcutees into the IP Hall of Fame and the opening reception, which gave delegates their first opportunity to network and to chew the cud about the…

10 June 2018

All the big life sciences patent news from May

In May’s round-up of life sciences-related patent news, we report on new research revealing a sharp surge in CRISPR patent filings in Asia, on mistaken claims that China has introduced a new 25-year pharma patent term and on the data showing the…

08 June 2018

IP Index showing decline in the US patent system lacks credibility, claims Unified COO

In recent years much has been written and spoken about the relative decline of the US patent system's ranking recorded by the Global Innovation Policy Center’s “IP Index”. While in IP generally, the Index states that the US remains in number one…

04 June 2018

Europe soars as the US falls back in the latest IAM benchmarking survey

Europe is forging a world-leading reputation for both patent litigation and procurement at a time when faith in the US system is declining, according to the results of IAM’s annual benchmarking survey, published in issue 90 of the magazine. …

03 June 2018

A new government in Spain reopens the possibility that the country may sign up to the UPC

It was all change in Spain on Friday when a vote of no confidence in the Partido Popular (PP) government led by prime minister Mariano Rajoy was passed by the country’s parliament, the Cortes. As a result, Rajoy was replaced by Pedro Sánchez, the…