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27 April 2018

Huawei’s portfolio is best in China, but international expansion now the focus, exclusive research reveals

Telecommunications giant Huawei has seen an explosive rise in its patent filing numbers since 2013, which has helped to make its portfolio the strongest in China, research commissioned from a team of leading IP analytics and intelligence companies…

25 April 2018

Patent hold-out is our number one challenge, says Ericsson CIPO in build-up to this year's IPBC Global

The clock is ticking down to IPBC Global 2018, which is being held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco from 10th to 12th June. As ever, we have a stellar speaking faculty for the event. This not only features keynote speakers Anderi Iancu, Sue…

03 April 2018

Full judgment in Huawei v Samsung details why Shenzhen court hit Korean company with SEP injunction

Last January, the Intermediate People's Court of Shenzhen hit Samsung with an SEP injunction as part of the Korean company's sprawling international patent dispute with Huawei. It was just the second such decision in China. Previously, the…

30 March 2018

Nokia’s booming licensing business is based on high-quality patents, with filings and acquisitions to help grow its portfolio, exclusive analysis for IAM reveals

Approximately 35% of Qualcomm patents cite Nokia assets, research commissioned by IAM has uncovered. In a deep-dive into the Finnish company’s portfolio, published exclusively for subscribers yesterday, other information revealed by the team of…

08 January 2018

Barcelona court issues fast-track injunction protocol for Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering of companies in the mobile communications industry, is taking place in Barcelona this year from 26th February to 1st March. Businesses from around the world will be there, exhibiting current…

05 January 2018

Round-up - another big litigation drop, Fortress deals, rumours of significant Xiaomi acquisition

As we covered late last month in our top 10 stories of the year, 2017 was a particularly active year for patent news in the US. From Indian tribes becoming major patent owners and claiming sovereign immunity at the PTAB, to major corporate IP…

02 January 2018

The IAM IP personalities of 2017 - part one

The mince pies have all been eaten, the decorations are down, the hangovers have been slept off, just about – and now the IAM blog is back for 2018. We get things going as we always do at the start of a new year by naming our IP personalities for…

23 November 2017

ICT patent players want a higher bar for CII grants, report finds; but worries emerge about SME IP awareness

EU-funded CIFRA research project (Challenging the ICT Patent Framework for Responsible Innovation) has recently published the results of a broad consultation across the ICT value chain designed to assess different experts’ perceptions of the most…

30 October 2017

New licensing vehicle will be offering a slice of 12,000 former Nokia patents for just $100,000

Earlier this month we broke the story of how a large portfolio of Nokia patents had been acquired by Provenance Asset Group LLC, which is led by Dan McCurdy and Tim Lynch of Quatela Lynch McCurdy (QLM). Now, based on exclusive interviews with…

20 October 2017

Nokia disposes of huge US portfolio as company continues to streamline its patent arsenal

This story has been updated to include details of Dan McCurdy's role with Provenance Asset Group.  In what looks like one of the biggest patent deals of the year so far, Nokia has transferred a portfolio of almost 4,000 US grants to an entity…

17 September 2017

The man who brought patent monetisation to BlackBerry is latest big name corporate IP departure

Mark Kokes has left BlackBerry and is no longer its senior vice president of intellectual property, licensing & standards, IAM has learned. In a sudden move, Kokes departed in mid-August and is not thought to have taken another position. For its…

01 May 2017

Fixed-time patent-buying programme IP3 back again for 2017; but this time it’s different

AST is launching a new version of the Industry Patent Purchase Program (IP3) as it looks to once again give patent owners a quick and efficient way to sell their assets. The news, which was announced today, follows last year’s original IP3, which…

07 April 2017

The UK's first-ever court decision on FRAND/SEP licensing could be a global game-changer

On Wednesday, the High Court sitting in London handed down the UK’s first-ever decision in a case relating to the licensing of standard essential patents on a FRAND basis. It came down on the side of licensor Unwired Planet in its dispute with…

04 April 2017

Royalty announcement will ensure we remain a leader in 5G standardisation, says Ericsson CIPO

There has been much discussion on this blog and elsewhere about Ericsson’s announcement that it had published its royalty rates for 5G devices. The Swedish telco revealed that it would charge $5 per handset for the most expensive devices but also…

14 March 2017

Microsoft picks up Toshiba chipmaking patents amid asset sell-off at troubled Japanese giant

It has been a tumultuous few years for Toshiba. A multi-billion-dollar accounting scandal and massive losses at its US-based nuclear power unit have left the Japanese conglomerate in a precarious position financially. Hoping to offset some of the…