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19 May 2016

Foxconn scores big with multi-layered transaction that will bring Nokia mobile devices back to life

Nokia-branded smartphones and tablet computers will stage a worldwide return after Foxconn and newly created entity HMD each struck licence and acquisition deals with existing brand owners Nokia and Microsoft, it emerged yesterday. Microsoft has…

06 May 2016

There is still a fight on to become Asia's IP hub, but it may be an idea whose time has come and gone

This morning I spoke with a US-based corporate patent strategist passing through Asia about the efforts of various countries, cities and city-states in the region to establish themselves as ‘IP hubs’, creating a more concrete market for the…

28 April 2016

Some say foreign IP litigation is on the rise in China, others say it's down; but the Chinese seem to want more

Is “foreign-related” IP litigation in China a significant and growing part of the docket; or is it a tiny and shrinking share of nationwide IP disputes? Could both be true? As Mark Cohen’s China IPR blog points out in its helpful analysis of the…

01 April 2016

Midea nets major patent acquisition and brand deal as part of purchase of Toshiba's appliance business

Last week, this blog reported that Guangdong-based appliance company Midea had agreed to acquire a majority stake in Toshiba’s white goods unit, in the latest sign that Japanese industry is becoming more open to selling its technology to foreign…

22 March 2016

Major Toshiba, Sharp deals signify Japan’s changing attitude to selling its technology to regional rivals

Midea and Toshiba announced last week that they had signed a memorandum of understanding for a deal which would see China’s largest home appliances manufacturer acquire the majority of the Japanese tech giant’s white goods business. The terms of…

28 January 2016

Spanish court announces new protocol to deal with IP infringements during world's biggest mobile industry event

The Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona each year, is the mobile industry’s annual get together. Thousands of senior players in the sector gather in the Catalonian capital, many of them to exhibit their wares and to launch new…

18 January 2016

India does need more patents, but must beware unintended consequences when incentivising applicants

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launched his government’s latest initiative aimed at enhancing the country’s booming start-up ecosystem at the weekend, with IP ownership one of the main focal points. Among other measures announced in the Start…

17 November 2015

One year of China's specialist IP courts: an infographic

Last month we reported on the latest statistics coming out of China's pilot specialist IP court programme. As we stated at the time, demand from rights holders to have their disputes decided in the new fora has been close to overwhelming. A…

16 November 2015

A major global player in the IP services business might soon be up for grabs

One of the biggest-ever sales in the IP service provider sector could be in the offing following Thomson Reuters' announcement that it is exploring “strategic options” for its Intellectual Property & Science business. A statement from the…

29 October 2015

China still lags behind when it comes to bringing science-based innovations to market

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) examining China’s innovation record confirms that despite gains made in consumer electronics offerings, Chinese companies are struggling to bring technologies to market in many science and…

12 October 2015

As China's specialist IP courts approach their first birthday, trends are emerging - and demand is high

Demand from would-be litigants to have their cases handled by China's new specialist IP courts is higher than anticipated, according to  a recent update from the country's Supreme People's Court (SPC). Speaking at a press conference…

06 October 2015

Misinformation and misinterpretation abound as the TPP passes after years of wrangling

Negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries announced yesterday that they had reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade liberalisation pact covering 40% of the world’s economy which has proven controversial for, among other…

04 August 2015

“Thank you Tesla for opening up your patents”: the Chinese company that might test Elon Musk’s IP views

Last week, the automotive press was abuzz – and more than a little puzzled – over the debut of the Youxia X, a Chinese-built electric vehicle (EV) with what appears to be an eclectic set of influences. Most prominent is that of the Tesla Model S:…

10 July 2015

Chinese customs seizures for patent infringement surge, new statistics show

China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) released a report of its IP-related activity during the year 2014, which our sister publication World Trademark Review recently broke down from a trademark perspective. There was one interesting…

07 July 2015

IP-backed lending activities may have had a role in creating China’s current financial malaise

As Europe reels from deepening financial turmoil, another potential economic catastrophe is unfolding on the other side of the world. For several months now, China’s capital markets have been experiencing chaos the likes of which has rarely been…