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25 May 2017

Huawei puts royalties on the balance sheet to the tune of $300 million

IP-minded readers of Huawei's 2016 annual report will have noticed a striking change in the company's accounting of its intangible assets. Alongside goodwill, trademarks, software and patents is a brand new category – royalties. The company…

22 May 2017

Indian government may target IP royalty outflows to retaliate for Trump visa limits

A government task force is studying royalty outflows from Indian companies to foreign partners and parent companies, in an initiative some say could lead to the re-imposition of caps on such payments for technology and intellectual property. The…

15 May 2017

China’s top judicial body will recommend establishment of a national IP appeals court, says insider

A senior IP academic has revealed that China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) will soon formally recommend the establishment of a national IP appeals court. The comments, made by Professor Wu Handong at an IP forum in Chengdu, were related by USPTO…

04 May 2017

Indian smartphone upstart says its patent prowess will put it way ahead of domestic rivals

A Hyderabad-based company called Smartron launched its second smartphone yesterday, in a bid to compete with the Chinese manufacturers that have nearly pushed domestic handsets off the map. In a marked contrast to other Indian mobile startups,…

28 April 2017

Foreign companies stand to benefit from Singapore's new $1 billion IP-focused fund

The Singaporean government has reinforced its strong IP credentials with the establishment of a S$1 billion (US$718 million) public-private investment fund that will target “high-growth companies with strong IP and proven business models”. …

10 April 2017

Interest groups gear up for fight with Trump administration over USPTO budget

A group of IP advocacy groups, industry bodies and companies have written to President Trump to highlight the impact of the ongoing government hiring freeze on the USPTO and, more broadly, on US innovation. In one of his first actions after…

06 April 2017

Billion dollar startup founded by Singapore lawyer targets audio and smartphone IP

The IP Office of Singapore announced its new board of directors last week, revealing that the sole tech company executive in the group has been re-appointed. If you are not familiar with Min-Liang Tan or his company Razer, you are likely not plugged…

06 March 2017

The Trump administration's USPTO silence tells us all we need to know about its patent priorities

There has been a lot of speculation since Donald Trump won the US presidential election last November about what his administration would mean for IP – and for beleaguered patent owners, in particular. After several very difficult years in which…

09 February 2017

US corporates see mixed IP progress across Southeast Asian markets; TPP may make things worse

IP Bridge CEO Shigeharu Yoshii told this blog in a recent interview that the improving IP infrastructure in the ASEAN countries has given his firm the confidence to pursue numerous IP-centric business opportunities in the region. In fact, the…

23 January 2017

Cautious optimism as China mulls introducing national IP appeals court

Back in December, Supreme People’s Court vice president Tao Kaiyuan told media that top authorities were considering the introduction of a national IP appeals court for China. Details are sparse at the moment, but the nation’s top court is likely to…

15 November 2016

Samsung’s $8 billion Harman acquisition is another major play in the auto sector’s patent market

Samsung Electronics’ $8 billion acquisition of Harman, which was announced yesterday, is not only the Korean tech giant’s largest purchase but is also another play in the rapidly evolving automotive technology market. As well as giving Samsung a…

07 October 2016

China leads the way in using big data to manage IP strategy, says man in charge of Foxconn’s patent portfolio

There’s plenty of talk nowadays about the game-changing prospects presented by ‘big data’, writes YP Jou, CEO of Taipei-based IP consultancy Wispro and the man responsible for managing and monetising Hon Hai-Foxconn Group’s patent portfolio through…

05 September 2016

Sharp sell-off begins as Foxconn turnaround plan takes effect on the Japanese company’s IP portfolio

In the wake of Foxconn’s historic $3.5 billion purchase of a majority stake in Sharp, streamlining and rationalisation of the Japanese company’s extensive IP portfolio are high on the agenda for its new Taiwanese owners.   According to research…

30 August 2016

A closer look at Korea’s latest IP trade results shows they aren’t quite as optimistic as initial reports suggest

IAM has followed the saga of South Korea’s negative IP rights receipts for some time now. While Korean media reports on the latest figures from the country’s central bank suggest that the deficit is gradually being chipped away, there are a couple…

24 June 2016

The UK's Brexit vote will mean more complexity and higher costs for IP owners in Europe

Well, we have only gone and done it. By a margin of 17,410,742 votes to 16,141,241 the people of the United Kingdom have decided that they want their country to leave the European Union. As an added extra, they have also forced the resignation of…