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07 December 2009

The quality of issued US patents is no longer declining, says Kappos

The IP Watchdog blog is running a preview of an interview USPTO Director David Kappos did with Inventors Digest, which will run in the magazine's January 2010 issue. Understandably, not too much is being given away, but there is one interesting…

04 December 2009

Unitary EU patent right agreed, but much more work needs to be done

Ministers at the EU Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels today voted in favour of the introduction of a unitary patent system to cover the whole of the European Union. Speaking after the vote, the UK's intellectual property minister David…

03 December 2009

RPX celebrates its birthday with every reason to feel pleased

Taiwanese mobile phone company HTC has today become the twentieth company to sign up with RPX Corp. The news comes as the defensive patent aggregator celebrates its first anniversary and states that in 2010 it "expects to achieve profitability on…

03 December 2009

EU member states to vote on a unitary patent right tomorrow

The patent-related documents that are being discussed tomorrow at would could turn out to be an historic meeting of Europe's Competitiveness Council are now available for inspection. They are: Enhanced patent system in Europe - Adoption of Council…

01 December 2009

Fourteen days that could change Europe's patent landscape forever

This time in two weeks we should have a much better idea of just how seriously Europe takes patents. That's because by then, it is possible that there will be much greater clarity on the future (or lack of it) for a Community patent and a single…

30 November 2009

The Manchester Manifesto and the IP world's failure to communicate

A distinguished group of academics, most of whom are based at the University of Manchester, have issued something called the Manchester Manifesto. According to the press release that accompanied its publication, "The ‘Manchester Manifesto’ calls for…

26 November 2009

TiVo playing for big stakes at the CAFC

I have just been reading the transcript of a conference call on the Seeking Alpha website, which was hosted by members of the TiVo board and held to discuss the company's third quarter earnings. TiVo, you will remember, is a company we have covered…

26 November 2009

The UK stakes a claim to global IP thought leadership

The UK's minister for intellectual property has announced a major programme of research designed to explore the role that intellectual property plays as a facilitator of both innovation and economic growth. Speaking at today's launch, David Lammy…

24 November 2009

Applicants have to accept their share of responsibility for quality and backlog problems

Justin Gray and Hal Wegner have produced a study looking at the increasing percentage of all USPTO patents being granted to the 150 leading recipients. In 1999, they point out, the top 150 received 37% of all grants, by 2008 that figure had climbed…

23 November 2009

Creating IP value is not all or even mostly about monetisation

US law firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi has launched an IP monetisation group, reports the American Lawyer's online service In the face of what is described as "weak demand for both corporate and intellectual property legal work",…

20 November 2009

Look behind the headlines and China's patent miracle is a lot easier to explain

After four very illuminating days in Shanghai attending the China IP Business Summit, I have learned at least one very important lesson about reporting what is going on here. And that is: it pays dividends to be on the ground because only then do…

19 November 2009

A CIPO speaks ...

IAM 39 goes to press on Monday and will be sent out to subscribers (and available online as well) at the start of the following week. One of the highlights of the next issue is a fascinating article written by Ruud Peters, CEO of Philips IP &…

17 November 2009

The USPTO's transparency puts Europe to shame

The news that USPTO Director David Kappos has launched a blog in which he will speak directly to all the office's users and everyone else who has an interest in its functioning is not a huge development in the great scheme of things. But it has got…

15 November 2009

China emerges as a world leader in IP finance

It looks like IP-backed loans in China, which this blog reported on last year here and here, are being rolled out across the country. Although loans secured against IP rights have been made available by a couple of banks in China for several years…

14 November 2009

More on IPCom and its litigation with HTC in Germany

Robert Harrison of the 24IP Group has just posted a comment to the blog I posted last month on a recent development in the efforts of IPCom, a German an NPE, to monetise a patent portfolio relating to GSM. ... I've now had the opportunity to read…