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30 November 2008

Sir Hugh Laddie, 1946 - 2008

The UK has lost one of its finest IP minds following the untimely death of Sir Hugh Laddie after a long illness. Sir Hugh was a High Court judge for 10 years after previously enjoying a long career at the English bar specialising in intellectual…

28 November 2008

Europe's Competition DG slams big pharma and calls for the Community patent

In what must count as one of the least surprising pieces of news ever to have come out of Brussels, the European Commission’s Competition DG has announced that its preliminary findings in an on-going investigation of the pharmaceutical industry are…

27 November 2008

EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal turns down WARF stem cell application

The Enlarged Board of Appeals at the European Patent Office has refused an application from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for a patent relating to human stem cells. In a press release issued today (27th November), the EPO states…

27 November 2008

AUTM scoops leading international IP award

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) has become the fifth recipent of the Fifth City of Venice Award for Intellectual Property. At a ceremony in the Palazzo Ducale in St Mark's Squarelast night, AUTM vice-president Kevin Cullen,…

26 November 2008

Jaw jaw has to be better than war war as US patent bar members are up in arms again

The naming of three new members of the Patent Policy Advisory Committee seems to have got a lot of people hot under the collar in the United States. The Patent Docs blog, for example, approvingly quotes Hal Wegner, who in a recent email to his…

26 November 2008

European ICT standards-setting is not the job of governments, says new group

On 20th November, a diverse group of stakeholders got together in Brussels to attend an open forum entitled Improving the Global Standards System: Addressing the Needs of ICT Stakeholders. This took place the day after the European Commission held a…

25 November 2008

IP is a key to an Indian and Chinese challenge of US leadership

There has been a lot of coverage of a recent report prepared by the US National Intelligence Council which states that by 2025 the United States will be facing a serious challenge to its hegemony from countries such as China, India, Brazil and…

24 November 2008

No free ride in battle against patent trolls, says RPX co-founder

More details have emerged about RPX Corp, the anti-NPE (troll) venture first covered on this blog back in September. Designed as a defensive patent fund, RPX will invite companies to contribute between $35,000 and $4.9 million a year, depending on…

21 November 2008

Judges condemn Europe's stalled progress on Community patent and court

Delegates at the Fourth European Judges’ Forum, which has recently ended in Venice, have issued a statement deploring the apparent slowdown in negotiations over the creation of a Community patent and a single European patent jurisdiction. The…

20 November 2008

Draft Chamber of Commerce USPTO report now available online

When I was over in the States just before the presidential election, I managed to get hold of a draft copy of a report being put together under the auspices of the US Chamber of Commerce. Entitled Recommendations for Consideration by the Incoming…

18 November 2008

Study shows that the US patent system is a vital driver for small, innovative companies

A fascinating piece of work has just been published in the United States. It is entitled An Analysis of Small Business Patents by Industry and Firm Size and has been put together by Anthony Breitzman and Diana Hicks on behalf of the US Small…

17 November 2008

Europe fails once again as national self-interest stymies Community patent and court progress

So, it looks like the information that I have been getting about the Community patent and the single European patent jurisdiction is correct. There is not going to be a breakthrough under the French presidency and negotiations surrounding both are,…

16 November 2008

IPO president reveals initial results of the organisation's patent quality initiative

In March last year, this blog reported on an initiative kick-started by the-then president of the IPO, Marc Adler. The aim, he announced, was to find an objective way to measure patent quality. At the Trilateral users’ meeting on Thursday, Adler’s…

14 November 2008

Improving the global patent system needs buy-in from the C-suite and political leaders

Attending the Trilateral Users’ meeting yesterday in The Hague I was reminded of that Elvis Presley classic A Little Less Conversation. It’s the one that begins: “A little less conversation, a little more action please/All this aggravation ain't…

13 November 2008

Hopes for a single European patent jurisdiction fading fast

I am currently at the EPO offices in The Hague for Trilateral Authorities users’ meeting. There are a lot of big names here and, obviously, I could not let that pass without finding out a bit more about the status of the negotiations surrounding the…