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09 February 2009

$50,000 to save an entire product line - what a bargain

Article One Partners has announced that a payment of $50,000 will be shared by two individuals after they uncovered prior art which, Article One believes, provides "critical information related to IP disputes involving brands with the global…

06 February 2009

Patent litigation in the US is a minority sport and we should not lose sight of that

The news that Intellectual Ventures has teamed up with Mark Lemley to find out the people responsible for "flooding US courts with a torrent of patent litigation over the past decade" is a bit of a puzzler for me - especially if it is all about…

27 January 2009

Danish PTO fires patent staff in response to major downturn in applications

IAM's sister publication World Trademark Review is running a story on its daily news service that the Danish Patent and Trademark Office is to lay-off off 35 staff in response to a dramatic fall in the number of patent applications it received…

21 January 2009

US patent suit collapse has implications for law firms, intermediaries and advocates of reform

There is analysis of reports that patent suits have fallen sharply in the US over recent months on both the 271 and Patent Prospector blogs. Reading the news, a couple of things crossed my mind: 1. Have those American law firms that decided to hire…

16 January 2009

TomTom CEO bemoans patents but his words should worry shareholders

Anyone wondering about how far there is to go before CEOs in most boardrooms start to get the hang of IP rights and patents in particular should take a look at a couple of quotes attributed to Harold Goddijn, the boss of TomTom. For those of you not…

08 January 2009

RPX does deal with Acacia; European troll feels the heat

No sooner do John Amster and Christoph Schoeller get named as two of this blog's IP personalities of the year than the organisations which they help to run are in the news. First of all, RPX Corp - which Amster co-founded last year - has raised…

06 January 2009

The IAM blog's IP personalities of 2008

It was a busy year for IP in 2008 with a whole host of people saying and/or doing a lot of very interesting things. However, as far as the IAM blog is concerned a few individuals stood out from the crowd – not necessarily because we agreed with them…

02 January 2009

The model changes at PatentFreedom; Matsushita is top troll target

PatentFreedom was launched in the middle of 2008 as an online community for companies looking to pool resources to gain as much information as possible about NPEs/patent trolls in order to combat the threat they pose as effectively as possible. The…

02 January 2009

Key themes for 2009 - from green patents to the IP marketplace

There is no point in making predictions about what will happen in 2009 (though it is very tempting to say that there will be no significant progress in Europe on either a Community patent or a European patent court), so instead of dong that, here…

01 January 2009

A new Chinese patent law, the CAFC reins in the ED of Texas and other recent news

A happy new year to one and all. I hope you are warmer than we are here in the UK at the moment. It’s barely above zero in the middle of the day and the forecast is for it to get a whole lot colder. Summer seems a long way off. Anyway, after a…

17 December 2008

IP Business Congress hits the first 100

The IP Business Congress, which IAM is hosting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago between 21st and 23rd June 2009, now has over 100 confirmed delegates. With the early bird discount, which offers attendance at the three day event for $995, in…

15 December 2008

Court costs decision could be a warning to all IP firms in UK

UK magic circle law firm Allen & Overy is back in the news today, following a court decision to order it to disclose its on-going costs in representing client RIM in a current patent dispute. IAM blog readers may recall that A&O was heavily…

09 December 2008

IP litigation enjoying a boost from the recession, but a depression could change everything

Although recession is now biting in many countries and across almost all industrial sectors, the indications are that - so far - intellectual property is getting off pretty lightly. The cover story of the most recent issue of IAM, for example, takes…

28 November 2008

Europe's Competition DG slams big pharma and calls for the Community patent

In what must count as one of the least surprising pieces of news ever to have come out of Brussels, the European Commission’s Competition DG has announced that its preliminary findings in an on-going investigation of the pharmaceutical industry are…

21 November 2008

Judges condemn Europe's stalled progress on Community patent and court

Delegates at the Fourth European Judges’ Forum, which has recently ended in Venice, have issued a statement deploring the apparent slowdown in negotiations over the creation of a Community patent and a single European patent jurisdiction. The…