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03 November 2008

Another Chinese bank begins to offer IP loans

Last week, I reported on a Chinese bank's decision to offer loans to SMEs secured against IP assets. This week comes news that another one is getting in on the act. It may all be low-scale stuff, involving relatively small amounts of money, but it…

31 October 2008

Cautious buyers exercise restraint at latest Ocean Tomo auction

IAM reporter Sara-Jayne Adams has just emailed the following about the Ocean Tomo IP auction that took place in Chicago yesterday: It was standing room only as the Ocean Tomo Fall 2008 auction kicked off in Chicago this afternoon. With over 500…

26 October 2008

New book lifts the lid on IP value creation

In the past, most talk about IP exploitation has focused pretty much exclusively on monetisation. But as those on the coalface know, there is a lot more to it than that. Although some IP rights can generate direct revenues for companies, in many…

23 October 2008

China salutes success of bank's IP-backed loans scheme

In 2006, the Bank of Communications Beijing Branch began offering loans to Chinese SMEs secured against IP assets. Since then 37 companies have borrowed a total of over 400 million yuan (around $58.5 million) in 44 separate deals. And not one has…

17 October 2008

IP Business Congress 2009 to be held in Chicago

The next IP Business Congress, organised by IAM magazine, will be taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago between 21st June and 23rd June 2009. The event will feature the CIPO Summit and will also include a gala dinner that will honour…

04 October 2008

Is the lesson of the last few weeks that we need IP valuation standards?

If the global financial system can be brought to the brink of collapse over worries about the valuation of mortgage-backed securities, where does that leave prospects for the development of markets based on other kinds of intangible, such as IP? …

23 September 2008

Women and the intermediary sector do not mix

Work continues on the article about women - or the lack of them - in senior positions in the patent sector, which is being written by IAM reporter Sara-Jayne Adams and will appear in the upcoming issue of the magazine. The stats aren’t getting any…

19 September 2008

Trouble for patent trolls as new company seeks to spike their guns

You wait for years to find solutions to the problems that non-practising entities/patent trolls (delete as preferred) pose to operating companies and then three appear at the same time. Just weeks after the Allied Security Trust and PatentFreedom…

11 September 2008

Universities reap royalty rewards; investors ignore IP at their peril

Another day, another example of the growing value of intellectual property in the financial markets. This time, it’s the cash some universities in the US are raising by monetising royalty streams on drugs that they helped to create. According to The…

07 September 2008

SanDisk's patent dividend and a question about licensing in a downturn

A couple of business-related stories caught my eye this morning as I had a quick search through the news feeds.. First of all, shares in SanDisk leaped 30% on Friday following rumours of an impending bid for the company from Samsung. And why might…

02 July 2008

Congress shows that the CIPO role will only grow in importance over coming years

The IP Business Congress, that took place in Amsterdam last week and featured the IAM CIPO Summit and the Ocean Tomo European IP Auction, attracted a full-house of 450 delegates. For two days, we focused on how the role of the chief intellectual…