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06 August 2009

Work with us, IV says to the Korean government

In response to the recent post I did on a state-run NPE being set up in Korea, I got a note from Nick Gibson, Director of Product Development for the Intellectual Ventures Invention Development Fund. Nick makes some observations about what the…

03 August 2009

Koreans plan NPE to reduce the country's huge patent licensing deficit

The Korean Intellectual Property Office has announced plans to tackle the country's patent deficit that in 2007 saw local companies pay out close to $3 billion more in licensing fees than they received in return. In order to turn the tide, KIPO has…

31 July 2009

Intellectual Ventures makes hay in Asia and plans to open in Europe

Intellectual Ventures currently has five Asian offices - in Korea, India, China, Japan and Singapore, which is its base in the continent. Today I had a fascinating conversation with James Kelly, the firm's Global Head of Business Development for IV…

23 July 2009

Another bad day for IP auctions as first ICAP sale hits record low

I have just heard the results of the first ICAP Ocean Tomo IP auction, held this afternoon in Chicago. According to the reports I have had, a total of just over $1.5 million was raised, excluding buyer and seller premiums. This is lower than any…

23 July 2009

RPX secures a new backer, but big challenges lie ahead

Defensive patent aggregator RPX Corp has secured a second round of financing with backing from established investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Charles River Ventures, and a new partner, Index Ventures. It is not known how much was raised…

13 July 2009

The return of the IP securitisation

A $250 miliion securitisation of future royalties generated from a yet-to-be approved hepatitis C drug being developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals has got the Financial Times quite excited. The deal, being arranged by Morgan Stanley, will see Johnson …

25 June 2009

Ocean Tomo does ratings deal with France's state bank

Those who may have thought that Ocean Tomo's sale of its transactions business to ICAP last week signalled the beginning of the end for the firm are going to have to think again. The Chicago-based merchant banc has agreed a working protocol with…

21 June 2009

Is it time to make law firms pay for representing patent trolls?

Jackie Hutter, a member of the IAM 250, recently put together a thought-provoking blog about the possible emergence of a new way to fight patent trolls. The whole thing is well worth a read, but essentially she reports on a conversation she had with…

12 June 2009

Just nine days until the IP Business Congress gets underway

We are in full countdown mode for this year's IP Business Congress now. This time next week my colleagues and I will be on a plane to Chicago. The following Sunday 21st June, things kick-off with the CIPO Manifesto Working Group meeting in the…

02 June 2009

The world's leading IP strategists revealed

IAM magazine has published the IAM 250 - A Guide to the World's Leading IP Strategists. As far as I know, there is nothing similar currently available. There are lots of publications out there that seek to identify leading IP lawyers, litigators and…

25 May 2009

Using IP knowledge to make money from shares

Playing the markets with a bit of IP knowldge continues to be a potentially lucrative occupation. Just last week Tessera shares soared on the back of an ITC judgment that prohibited imports of semi-conductor products that infringed the company's…

24 May 2009

The Charles Rivers Ventures connection

Did you know that Charles Rivers Ventures is an investor in at least three of the big name IP aggregators/intermediaries that are currently out there doing their thing? I guess quite a few of you did, but I only found out in the last few weeks. Not…

07 May 2009

Last chance for discounted entry to the IP event of the year

At the end of tomorrow - 8th May - the early bird discount rate for delegate places at this year's IP Business Congress comes to an end. After that time, those of you wishing to come along will have to pay the full fee of $1,500. The IPBC is…

04 April 2009

Stock markets wiped $22 trillion off intangible asset values in 2008

A while ago I ran a blog that looked at the collapse in intangible values that has taken place over the last year or so. It attracted a number of very insightful comments. My advice would be to look through those after reading the following press…

22 March 2009

Reasons to be happy ...

As the recessionary storm clouds grow ever darker and the news pages are filled with deficits, lay-offs, broken banks, closing companies and scandalous bonus payments, it is understandably hard to look on the bright side. But sometimes it is…