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23 December 2010

The IAM IP personalities of 2010

The snow lies thick outside, the thermometer is well below zero. I can smell mince pies baking and that sounds like a choir on the telly. It's Christmas, which means it's time for this blog to take a break. But before we close down for the year,…

10 December 2010

Auction for Nortel patents approaches its climax as purchasers bid big bucks

The Nortel patent sale is approaching its end game, according to a report from Reuters. It looks like the bankrupt Canadian company has definitely decided against setting up a licensing business and will instead divide the portfolio up and then…

07 December 2010

China's IP exchange has real potential, but western sellers may face difficult questions

I got a press release yesterday morning from a company called ICEBERG, a UK-based IP transactions business. The release announced that ICEBERG has agreed a deal with the China Technology Exchange (CTEX) " to trade patent portfolios on the CTEX…

30 November 2010

Supreme Court to hear Microsoft invalidity challenge; plus more on Novell patent purchase

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that may have a significant effect on the threshold under which patents can be invalidated in the US. In Microsoft Corp v i4i Limited Partnership, the court will look at the standard of proof by which…

25 November 2010

Ireland to end tax relief on patent royalties - UPDATED

It looks like IP owners in Ireland are to be among the casualties from the fallout of the financial crisis that has hit the country. On page 96 of the National Recovery Plan 2011-2014, it states that tax exemptions for patent royalties are to be…

23 November 2010

Microsoft pays $450 million for 882 Novell patents

We will probably need to learn a little more about the 882 patents that Microsoft technology consortium CPTN Holdings has bought from Novell for $450 million cash before we can be certain just how significant the deal is. But there are few things…

15 November 2010

Rumour has it that Round Rock's Micron purchase is reaping big rewards - UPDATE

Last month this blog reported on Micron's announcement of a $280 million patent licensing settlement with Samsung. In the same report I wondered whether the NPE Round Rock Research, which by now everyone must know bought a sizeable chunk of Micron's…

23 September 2010

VCs love IP, parts 2 and 3

Peter Zura on the 271 Patents blog takes a look at a paper entitled Patent Signaling, Entrepreneurial Performance, and Venture Capital Financing written by Jerry Cao, of Singapore Management University, and Po-Hsuan Hsu, from the University of…

17 September 2010

A catalogue of IP success stories from around the world

WIPO has put together an excellent resource that details the ways in which different IP rights have been used by businesses all over the globe to create value and underpin growth. IP Advantage focuses on a variety of companies in both the developed…

07 September 2010

Listed patent attorney firm reports profit increase despite slowdown in core markets

Benchmarking for patent attorney firms is tricky as it can be hard to find out just how well - or badly - your competitors are doing. That's one of the reasons why Scotland's Murgitroyd and Company is so interesting. As previously discussed on this…

30 August 2010

Former Fujitsu IP head becomes first member of IV executive board based outside the US

Masanobu Katoh has been appointed Intellectual Ventures' country head for Japan. He joins the firm after a 30 year career at Fujitsu where, among other things, he was head of the law and IP unit. In addition Katoh is to serve as an executive vice…

26 August 2010

German patent funds are still up and running - REVISED

Although IP Bewertung (IPB) has filed for bankruptcy, I understand that the patent funds it managed on behalf of Deutsche Bank are still operating and are now under the control of a Munich-based boutique called Clou Partners. This has been around…

22 August 2010

Pioneering German patent fund business files for bankruptcy

The IP Finance blog is reporting that Hamburg-based IP Bewertung filed for bankruptcy last month. Although I have not seen any other report about this, the story was filed by Rob Harrison - who is based in Germany and knows the market there very…

30 July 2010

Those innovation funds "having trouble" - IV responds UPDATED

Earlier today I asked Intellectual Ventures whether they had any comment regarding the stories that have been circulating concerning the performance of a couple of funds they established and now run. As you'll remember, the University of Texas…

30 July 2010

IV funds "are having trouble", according to reports

A Twitter from a bloke called Chris Dixon and a subsequent comment piece published by TechCrunch are causing a stir right now. Both relate to a report published by the University of Texas Management Company which details its private investments in…