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29 August 2011

A mixed share price performance for publicly quoted IP-based businesses in August

For those who dabble in stocks and shares August has been a wicked month. A series of wild fluctuations since the week beginning 29th July have had the overall effect of causing most major stock markets (at least in the developed world) to decline…

22 July 2011

Apple reveals $2.6 billion Nortel payout and sets sights on InterDigital

Apple has confirmed that it was the driving force within the Rockstar Bidco consortium that purchased the Nortel patent portfolio in an auction held in New York at the end June. According to its recent 10-q filing: On June 27, 2011, the Company, as…

02 July 2011

Google bid $4 billion for the Nortel patents and still lost - UPDATED

Google bid a sensational $4 billion for the Nortel patent portfolio during last week’s auction, but still ended up empty handed at the end of the process after being trumped by a consortium of six companies that offered $4.5 billion. According to…

01 July 2011

Google the big loser as Nortel patents go for a jaw-dropping $4.5 billion

Could the outcome of the Nortel auction have been worse for Google? It is difficult to see how. I suppose the only consolation is that the company has not ended up paying $4.5 billion for assets that it was only ever going to use defensively. The…

28 June 2011

No news from Nortel is no big surprise

It’s not a huge surprise that we have not heard anything from the Nortel patent auction which began yesterday. Bearing in mind that there may be as many as five or six parties involved in the bidding (including Microsoft, some reports say) and…

25 June 2011

China's banks lend cash against IP, but are they right to do so?

There is an interesting snippet from China about the creation of the country’s first “State-level demonstration zone for intellectual property financing and investment”. According to an article published by China Daily: The district in South China…

19 June 2011

RPX shares take a dive after neutral rating from Goldman Sachs

The RPX share price has taken a bit of battering over the last week. At close of play on Friday, the Nasdaq-quoted stock price stood at $24.48 per share. A week earlier they had been at $31. The reason for the tumble? Goldman Sachs initiated…

16 May 2011

Germany takes number one slot in ranking of patent systems

International law firm Taylor Wessing launched its third Global IP Index (GIPI) in London last week. The product of over 250 individual responses and more than 14,000 individual assessments, GIPI 3 “measures the attractiveness of 24 global…

06 May 2011

Are we heading towards boom or bubble with IP investments?

Izhar Armony, a partner at Charles River Ventures, will be feeling pretty good about life right now. Along with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers his firm was an early investor in RPX Corp. Today, that investment looks like it has paid off big time…

11 April 2011

Taiwan is the latest Asian country to launch a patent fund

The Taiwanese government is to support the creation of an IP bank that will seek to buy patents in the international market “in light of the constant suing of Taiwan-based companies by foreign firms for patent infringement”. According to a report on…

05 April 2011

Vincent Pluvinage to leave Intellectal Ventures at the end of next week

Vincent Pluvinage, head of Strategic Acquisitions & Private Equity at Intellectual Ventures, is to leave the firm at the end of next week. While at IV, Pluvinage has been involved in a number of high-profile deals, among the most recent of which was…

24 February 2011

The RPX IPO conundrum

So how does a business that has spent $250 million since its inception, but generated just $100 million in the same time period end up being profitable? This is the question that Patrick Anderson, author of the Gametime IP blog, set himself when he…

11 February 2011

Nortel sale delayed as doubts emerge about $1 billion valuation

After all the recent stories about the bidding process for the Nortel patent portfolio, Reuters is now reporting that the sale has been postponed. Why? Well, it looks like no-one is getting close to the valuation that the company's liquidators have…

31 January 2011

Nortel bond yields rise as investors await patent auction news

A blog posting on The Globe & Mail website reports that Nortel bonds are now trading at 88 cents on the dollar, despite the sale of the bankrupt company's assets being nearly all done. In March 2009, their value was around 10 cents to the dollar…

14 January 2011

First public patent auction held in China as tech exchange plans IV-style IP fund

Since leaving Singapore I have been fact-finding in China with my colleague Gavin Stewart, IAM's publisher. We've had a very hectic schedule, but we have learned an awful lot about the Chinese IP market and the rapid pace at which it is developing…