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13 March 2012

Europe needs new IP asset and financial markets, Commission report states

Europe risks losing its most valuable innovations to entities in the US and Asia, a recently published study has concluded. Creating a Financial Market for IPR, produced for the European Commission by a team at the University of St Gallen and the…

08 March 2012

Patent filings as an indicator of future stock price performance - UPDATED

Another interesting straw in the wind concerning investor attitudes to patents – though one that also looks to be deeply flawed. The Wall Street Daily website - which describes itself as “an independent, unbiased publisher of news and opinions…

27 February 2012

New Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing requirements put the focus on IP information

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Asia’s third-largest in terms of market capitalisation and the fifth largest in the world, has issued new rules that require companies seeking a listing to disclose much greater information about their intellectual…

17 February 2012

Stable pricing in patent sales, no let up in US litigation despite reform, says RPX CEO

RPX Corp revenues rose over 60% during fiscal year 2011, the defensive patent aggregator announced on Monday. GAAP net income was up by over 100% to $29.1 million, while the firm spent $99 million on patent acquisitions. What with the announcement…

06 February 2012

If there was a patent bubble and it has deflated, so what!?

There have been some articles recently about a bursting of the so-called patent bubble (see here, here and here, for example). They have appeared in the wake of the difficulties both Kodak and InterDigital have had in selling portfolios to potential…

24 January 2012

InterDigital did the right thing and the future still looks bright

InterDigital’s share price dropped sharply yesterday after the company announced that it was ending its attempts to find a buyer for its patents and would return to licensing as its key IP revenue generation strategy. Some have characterised this…

13 January 2012

Acacia acquisition marks the start of a new and more ambitious stage for the NPE

Acacia shares are on the rise today with the news that a subsidiary of the NPE has acquired 4G wireless technology company ADAPTIX Inc for $160 million cash. Although Acacia has worked closely in partnership with SMEs, and more recently larger…

13 December 2011

Major breakthrough for IPXI as Philips and four others sign up to offer licences

IP Exchange International will today announce that it is to begin operations in 2012, having secured agreements from two corporations and three universities to sponsor the Unit Licence Rights (ULRs) which will be offered through the exchange…

27 November 2011

Acacia and RPX see hundreds of millions of dollars wiped off market caps since August

Both RPX Corp and Acacia have seen hundreds of millions of dollars knocked off their market capitalisations since the last week in August. This comes at a time when overall the Nasdaq index, on which they are both quoted, has experienced a slight…

11 November 2011

Why the US government sets the standard on accounting for intangible assets

It is a common view that government institutions lag the private sector in the application of cutting-edge practices. But, says Professor Baruch Lev, in the field of accountancy that is not always the case. According to Lev, who has been named by…

04 November 2011

The US's $14.5 trillion intangible economy and a failure of accountancy

The value of intangible assets in publicly-held companies in the US is $14.5 trillion, according to a new report; and, it says, nearly two-thirds of this amount is not reflected on balance sheets. What Ideas Are Worth: The Value of Intellectual…

27 October 2011

Kodak board faces legal action threat if patent sale does not generate a "fair market value"

Bloomberg is reporting that Kodak’s lenders have written to the company’s board reminding its members of their “fiduciary duty to sell its patent portfolio for fair market value”. Failure to do so, the report states, could see the lenders take legal…

23 October 2011

Two unacknowledged heroes of the Nortel auction and the potential patent tipping point

All decisions of the US Supreme Court are significant and over recent years there have been quite a few of them relating to patents. Many have had a profound impact not only on the practise of patent law, but also on potential values. In general,…

20 October 2011

The IP Hall of Fame - the search for 2012's inductees begins

The process to find the inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2012 is now underway. Earlier this year, five outstanding individuals joined the most exclusive club in IP; one that counts among its members international statesmen, epoch-changing…

17 September 2011

Senior RPX management set for multi-million dollar payday

Senior figures at RPX Corp look set for a pleasant end of the year following the announcement that three million shares in the defensive aggregator are to be sold at a price of $20.49 per share. According to a press release revealing the move: “RPX…