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20 July 2012

Patent deals soar from $450 million to $18.8 billion in one year - but is that the full story?

Readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn that Lazard, Evercore and Barclays are three mainstream banking operations that have been doing a lot more patent-related deals over the last year. After all, we have been reporting on this for…

12 July 2012

The IP tipping point isn’t about patents; ultimately, it’s all about people

If IP does get reported in the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal – and it does a lot more often today than it did in times past – it is almost invariably patents that hog the limelight, thanks to the massive amounts of money that have…

08 July 2012

If start-ups say no to patents, they should do so with their eyes wide open

A recently published study undertaken by Leonid Kravits and Robert Moore has found that fewer US technology start-ups are seeking patents than has been the case previously. After looking at all publicly available patenting information relating to…

06 July 2012

Now that IP is mainstream, let's not mess this once in a lifetime opportunity up

This time a year ago we were absorbing the extraordinary fact that the Rockstar Bidco consortium – comprising Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, RIM, Sony and EMC – had just emerged victorious from the Nortel patent auction, after seeing off Google and…

05 July 2012

If RIM is headed to oblivion, what happens to its Rockstar stake?

The dark cloud that seems to follow Research In Motion (RIM) everywhere it goes just got a whole lot stormier. The release of the company’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system – which is seen as an all-in bet to ensure survival – has been delayed…

29 June 2012

RIM and Nokia tipped to take portfolios to market by leading IP investor

RIM ands Nokia could well be the next big companies to bring large patent portfolios to market, says Peter Holden, head of the IP investment group at Coller Capital. In an exclusive video interview conducted at the IP Business Congress, Holden…

28 June 2012

Investment banker ready to spend tens of millions of dollars on taking IP pure play public

There are significant opportunities in creating an IP pure play and then taking it public, a niche investment banker has told IAM. In an exclusive interview recorded at the IP Business Congress, Michael Rapp, chairman of Broadband Capital Management…

21 June 2012

More questions about Intellectual Ventures' capacity to give investors the returns they want

A year after penning a piece on Intellectual Ventures for Forbes headlined Trolling for Suckers, Nathan Vardi has once again returned to the theme of the apparent lack of returns being made by investors in what is undoubtedly the world’s best-known…

31 May 2012

Pitfalls and opportunities for Acacia as Renesas wobbles

Renesas Electronics has experienced a turbulent few days on the stock market. On Monday, news broke that the Japanese chipmaker planned to sell off parts of its business and cut more than 10,000 jobs in a restructuring effort. Shares in the company…

21 May 2012

Investment bank makes $70 million move to create IP pure-play business

There can’t be many people who do not realise that Wall Street is now more firmly focused on IP than it has ever been before. Spend any time talking to an IP owner, intermediary or aggregator and they will tell you the same things: the money men…

10 May 2012

Micron, Round Rock and Intellectual Ventures - the plot thickens

A big high five to Patrick Anderson over at the Gametime IP blog: he has done some deep digging and put together a piece that suggests Micron may not have been exactly candid when its spokesmen told me in June 2010 that it had no on-going interest…

06 May 2012

Why trademarks rock

IAM has moved its HQ for a few days to Washington DC. We’re here en masse to cover the INTA annual meeting, which started this weekend and is said to have attracted over 9,000 delegates. The annual INTA meeting – the USTA meeting as was – is by…

13 April 2012

Now’s the time for US companies to start spending on IP

The worldwide economic picture may be far from rosy right now, but there is good news in some quarters at least. A Wall Street Journal story earlier this week declared that big US companies are now leaner, stronger, and more cash-rich than before…

10 April 2012

Apple's brand value grows over 130% in 12 months to now stand at $70.6 billion

World Trademark Review, IAM’s sister publication, is running with a major story today – one which reminds us that technology and internet businesses do not just own very valuable patents; they also own crucially important trademarks and brands…

20 March 2012

Apple reveals where its spare $98 billion will go, and it’s not on patents

Apple has revealed what it is planning to do with its nearly $100 billion pile of cash. In a conference call yesterday, CEO Tim Cook announced that starting in July, Apple will pay a quarterly dividend of $2.65 a share, and there will also be a $10…