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27 July 2015

French connection and military R&D link in Beijing aggregation fund’s patent acquisitions

Since launching its first IP aggregation fund in April 2014, Beijing-based IP consultancy firm Zhigu has focused on obtaining Chinese patent assets from the domestic research sector. But assignments data suggests that the outfit has recently stepped…

24 July 2015

Google offers start-ups free patents, but also begins to roll-out patent sales

Google is at it again - trying to solve the ills of the patent world with another initiative, this time aimed at giving a helping hand to the start-up community. Or at least, that’s how the company is pitching it. The search giant announced the…

20 July 2015

Fujitsu revealed as major corporate that assigned 500 assets to sovereign patent fund IP Bridge

Last month, we reported on two major deals involving Japanese sovereign patent fund (SPF) manager IP Bridge which hinted at an acceleration in its monetisation plans (we also ran a guest blog post from IP Bridge’s CEO). One of the transactions…

06 July 2015

Major European telecoms player puts over half its patent assets up for sale

A small note on a Swedish intermediary firm’s website could herald one of Europe’s largest ever patent sales. Posted on 24th June, the announcement from AWA IPro states that it “has signed a letter of engagement with TeliaSonera to monetize a…

30 June 2015

We may now be reaching the point when PIPCO deals begin to take place

Half-way through 2015, it’s clear that this has not been an easy six-months for most in the public IP company (PIPCO) market. Even Marathon, once the darling of the sector, has been hit, with its share price currently just under $3 (compared with a…

11 June 2015

Unified’s new auto zone provides further proof that patent activity in the sector is increasing

In another sign that patent activity continues to increase in the auto sector, Unified Patents has announced the formation of a new zone focused on the industry. Although more than 20 companies have joined the zone only Honda and Toyota have been…

22 May 2015

Lycos patent sale may be happening two years too late

The news this week that Lycos is looking to dispose of some of its patents afforded tech bloggers the opportunity to remind their readers that yes, one of the iconic internet search brands of the before-Google era still exits. For those in the…

22 May 2015

World’s largest asset manager enters the IP financing game with wearables loan

BlackRock – the world’s biggest investment firm with over $4.6 trillion of assets under management – is loaning wearable technology company Jawbone $300 million against its intellectual property and other intangible assets. According to a Bloomberg…

01 May 2015

Patent sales are on the up; buyers would do well to make hay while the sun shines, as soon prices may rise too

Open market patent sales are on the rise and have increased by over 80% since the first quarter of 2014, according to data released by law firm ROL yesterday. Based on a cross-reference of packages offered and assignments recorded at the USPTO, ROL…

21 April 2015

Major issues must be tackled if the Nokia/Alcatel deal is to be a patent success

The merger of the year so far, in IP terms at least, is undoubtedly Nokia’s proposed acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, which was announced last week. Envision IP recently cast its eye over the two patent portfolios and came up with some interesting…

26 March 2015

Mazda aligns with Japan's anti-NPE camp but increases IP value with LOTNET membership

Japanese carmaker Mazda signed up to the License On Transfer Network (LOTNET) this week, demonstrating how the litigation risk reduction initiative is spreading its appeal to a diverse range of IP owners – and proving again that Japanese companies…

23 March 2015

Patents give Kodak a second chance – and what could be more American than that?

How will we come to view Kodak? The iconic US company emerged from bankruptcy in 2013 after it had missed the digital photography revolution and crumbled into technological irrelevance. On Sunday it was the subject of a New York Times article which…

10 March 2015

Confidential deals with Apple and Intel show that Intellectual Ventures still has pulling power

Last week’s news that Intellectual Ventures had signed a major licensing deal with Ford was undoubtedly good news for the firm. As I understand it, the transaction was completed after a painstaking negotiation that took place over a period years…

01 March 2015

Deal with Ford is potentially very good news for IV and also indicates patents are coming to the fore in auto sector

To this observer, it’s slightly strange that there has not been more comment on the announcement made by Intellectual Ventures on 27th February that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Ford. Writing on the IV blog, president and COO…

13 February 2015

Data reveals a surge in the success rate of motions to dismiss after Alice

It has been more than six months since the US Supreme Court issued its decision in Alice Corp v CLS Bank. The case, which concerned section 101 of the US patent statute and specifically the patentability of abstract subject matter, has created waves…