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01 March 2013

HP’s ‘open and closed’ strategy means it is finally reaping rewards from the Palm purchase

This week it emerged that LG has agreed to buy certain assets from Hewlett-Packard relating to the WebOS operating system, which the US company acquired when it purchased Palm in 2010. The deal demonstrates what can be achieved if open source is an…

20 January 2013

Kim Dotcom - the other point of view

If there is one thing that multi-millionaire and convicted fraudster Kim Dotcom is very good at it is publicity. If he is to be believed he is a tireless fighter for internet freedom whose enemies are incapable of developing business models that are…

01 December 2012

The Chinese companies putting IP at the heart of their corporate strategies

The IPBC China gets underway tomorrow in Beijing and one of the highlights of the event will be the dinner on Monday evening during which we will honour the China IP Champions: those Chinese companies whose intellectual property management and value…

21 September 2012

The Pirate Party in Germany goes into freefall as hypocrisy and lack of political nous bite

It’s not a great surprise when a published author with a big advance takes action to ensure the removal of unauthorised copies of his or her work from the internet. But when the author happens to be a senior member of a political party whose…

31 July 2012

UK seeks to lead the world with proposed copyright licensing exchange

An independent report released today has indicated that the UK Intellectual Property Office will aim to create a not-for-profit digital copyright exchange (DCE) in an effort to modernise the process of copyright licensing. The establishment of such…

19 July 2012

Sale shows that Digg’s real value was all in intangibles

It was reported last week that the operating business of social news site Digg had been sold to social media investment and development firm Betaworks for as little as $500,000. Digg’s departing CEO Matt Williams disputed that figure, pointing out…

06 July 2012

Now that IP is mainstream, let's not mess this once in a lifetime opportunity up

This time a year ago we were absorbing the extraordinary fact that the Rockstar Bidco consortium – comprising Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, RIM, Sony and EMC – had just emerged victorious from the Nortel patent auction, after seeing off Google and…

25 June 2012

Major study to be undertaken on the economic value of IP to Europe, reveals OHIM chief

OHIM president Antonio Campinos has confirmed that the recently established IP Observatory, which is being operated by OHIM in Alicante, is to undertake detailed research into the economic benefits that IP brings to Europe. Speaking at the IPBC in…

21 June 2012

Open source isn’t about selfishness, despite what Linus Torvalds says

Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, was announced last week as the joint winner of the Millennium Technology Prize. The award, which he shared with stem cell research pioneer Shinya Yamanaka, is presented biennially by Technology Academy…

08 June 2012

Copyright adds £3 billion to the UK's annual accounts. Is that all?

The UK IP Office has published the results of research which indicates that the copyright industries in this country add £3 billion to the national accounts. According to a press release sent out today: “The new estimates have been developed over…

24 May 2012

Trans-Pacific treaty the latest to feel the force of anti-IP campaigners

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - a free trade agreement between the US, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam - is expected to come into force before the end of this year. The negotiations have…

14 May 2012

At some stage IP owners in Germany are going to have to take the Pirate Party seriously

Another week, another triumph for the Piratenpartei in a German election; this time, the IP-sceptic group took around 7.5% of the vote in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s biggest state, and so secured 18 seats in its Parliament. This is the fourth…

11 May 2012

The case against specialist IP courts

The International Intellectual Property Institute, in conjunction with the USPTO, has published a study (as well as an excellent interactive map) examining the level to which countries offer specialised IP courts. It’s a detailed piece of work…

27 April 2012

The surge in IP litigation in China continues

The Supreme People’s Court of China has released a report on IP cases heard by Chinese courts in 2011. It shows a dramatic increase in their workload. First instance courts across the country accepted 59,612 IP cases during the year and disposed of…

27 April 2012

Is this the beginning of a proper debate on the socio-economic benefits of IP?

Yesterday pro-IP initiative Ideas Matter was officially launched at Microsoft’s Brussels office. Started by a group of corporations including Microsoft and Philips, as well as a number of SMEs and trade associations, Ideas Matter is aimed at…