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29 September 2009

Skype woes help to prove the CIPO case

For proponents of a dedicated CIPO role inside large corporaitons, the on-going Skype saga - which this blog has previously covered here and here - is rapidly turning into a great argument-winner. As I see it, the CIPO role is one which gives a…

27 September 2009

A czar is born

Victoria Espinel has been nominated to be the US's first ever Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. The new IP czar is mandated by the controversial Pro-IP Act, which was signed into law by George Bush last year, to “report directly to the…

18 September 2009

Skype deal hit by further law suits as IP bites back

If like me you thought that the recent offer made to eBay by a consortium of private equity firms signalled an end to the IP dispute that has recently engulfed Skype, you had probably better think again. A suit filed on Wednesday in  the District…

07 September 2009

Ability, not nationality, should determine EPO president choice, says UK minister

In the next issue of IAM we are running an interview with the UK's IP minister David Lammy. In it he talks about a variety of subjects, including: why copyright - as opposed to patent and trademark - issues seem to take up so much of his time; the…

09 July 2009

Ban patents to let Linux prosper, says MEP

The Financial Times yesterday published an opinion piece from Christian Engström, who was recently elected by Swedish voters to represent the Pirate Party in the European Parliament. "Our manifesto is to reform copyright laws and gradually abolish…

11 June 2009

Three strikes law strikes out

French legislation that would require internet service providers to disconnect serial infringers of copyright online has been ruled unconstitutional by France's Constitutional Council. In a decision (French only) handed down yesterday, the council…

08 June 2009

Anti-patent group wins in European Parliament election

"The Pirate Party wants to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected." And as of today, the Pirate Party is represented in the European Parliament, having secured just…

02 June 2009

The world's leading IP strategists revealed

IAM magazine has published the IAM 250 - A Guide to the World's Leading IP Strategists. As far as I know, there is nothing similar currently available. There are lots of publications out there that seek to identify leading IP lawyers, litigators and…

17 April 2009

Pirate Bay copyright verdict could have major politcal implications in Europe

A Swedish court has sentenced the founders of the Pirate Bay website to one year in prison and ordered them to pay fines totalling 30 million kronor (approximately $3.5 million), after finding them guilty of copyright infringment. Pirate Bay indexes…

04 April 2009

Stock markets wiped $22 trillion off intangible asset values in 2008

A while ago I ran a blog that looked at the collapse in intangible values that has taken place over the last year or so. It attracted a number of very insightful comments. My advice would be to look through those after reading the following press…

13 March 2009

IP Brand Development Group releases its mission statement and announces first meeting

Last summer, I reported on a meeting attended by members of the IP community and senior marketing people. It was an interesting morning based on the premise that IP as a brand is currently in trouble. If it is thought about at all by policy makers,…

25 February 2009

New report identifies the world's most IP-friendly country, but trademarks are ignored

Germany is the country which offers the best protection for intellectual property rights, according to a new study that was released yesterday. The International Property Rights Index 2009, published by the Property Rights Alliance, claims to show …

23 February 2009

Obama will disappoint anyone looking for a lighter touch in US international IP policy

Over on the Huffington Post James Love is none too impressed about a recent IP-related trip several Obama administration officials made to Geneva along with a delegation comprising members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers and USPTO officials made…

17 January 2009

EU competition watchdog slams Microsoft yet again and draws ex-ITC chief's ire

Well, well, well; who would have thought it? The EU's competition watchdog has decided to put Microsoft under the microscope yet again. This time it is over the software company's practice of bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. Doing so, says…

09 December 2008

IP litigation enjoying a boost from the recession, but a depression could change everything

Although recession is now biting in many countries and across almost all industrial sectors, the indications are that - so far - intellectual property is getting off pretty lightly. The cover story of the most recent issue of IAM, for example, takes…