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13 March 2017

Fractus proves the power of patents to deliver sustained, game-changing success to tech start-ups

Fractus is one of those very rare stories – a European SME that gets the importance of IP and has prospered on the back of that understanding. What makes the company even rarer is that it is based in Barcelona; the second city of Spain, a country in…

09 December 2016

CSIRO sees “virtuous cycle” in reinvesting patent monetisation cash directly into commercialisation push

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) – Australia’s national R&D agency – announced this week the creation of a new technology commercialisation fund that will be capitalised using patent assertion and licensing…

08 December 2016

As another Asian university launches US patent assertion campaign, questions will be asked about the role of NPEs

Barely a week after KAIST sued several major tech companies in what appeared to be the first ever patent infringement action initiated by an Asian university in the United States, another Korean educational institution has launched its own assertion…

01 December 2016

Korean university gets in on assertion act with EDTx suit targeting Samsung, GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm

There has been plenty of discussion of late about US universities becoming increasingly aggressive in enforcing their patent rights against alleged industry infringers. Now, it looks like Asian universities are beginning to get in on the act too. …

03 November 2016

Japanese SPF sends message that it is more than just a patent assertion entity with new drug discovery collaboration

IP Bridge (IPB) – the company that operates Japan’s sovereign patent fund (SPF) – announced last week that it has signed a drug discovery deal with Kyushu University, indicating that it is aiming beyond straight monetisation activities to fulfil its…

02 September 2016

Asia’s universities are impressive when it comes to IP creation, but have some way to go to realise its value

Earlier this week, Thomson Reuters released its latest listing of Asia-Pacific universities according to their innovation credentials. The list was compiled by analysing which institutions published the greatest number of articles in scholarly…

29 July 2016

There’s less than meets the eye to university tech transfer in China, but the sector is ripe with opportunity

The latest slogan embraced by policymakers working on China’s IP development is that the nation needs to move from being a “big IP country” to being a “strong IP country”. That, of course, means less emphasis on just owning large quantities of…

19 July 2016

Harvard lawsuits could be a taste of things to come say tech transfer experts

Late last month Harvard University took the very unusual step of filing two infringement lawsuits against semiconductor manufacturers Micron and Global Foundries over their alleged infringement of two patents that are owned by the Ivy League…

05 July 2016

Patent reform in the US may drive us to use trade secrets more, says IP chief of top Asian R&D centre

The patent system in Europe is facing an uncertain future in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union. But there is still plenty of evidence to suggest that the IP market’s centre of gravity is shifting further from the United…

19 April 2016

Vice-president of $30bn Chinese state investment vehicle talks patents at IPBC Korea

The investment arm of Beijing’s Tsinghua University was featured in IAM’s list of IP personalities of the year of 2015 for its role as a centrepiece of the Chinese government’s efforts to develop stronger domestic capabilities in sensitive…

11 March 2016

Start-ups that file for patents are 35 times more likely to be successful than those which don’t, new research reveals

Another piece of research has highlighted the value that start-ups receive from patent filings. The paper, “A new view of the skew: A quantitative assessment of the quality of American entrepreneurship”, is from four academics at the Massachusetts…

18 February 2016

The Intellectual Ventures invention fund teams up with Fraunhofer in major move into Europe

The Invention Development Fund (IDF) of Intellectual Ventures has signed a joint venture agreement with Germany’s SET Technologies to develop and commercialise innovations in Germany and elsewhere. In a major coup for the new JV, it will partner…

14 December 2015

India's challenge is to turn its world class R&D and innovation expertise into valuable, high-quality patents

Almost one-tenth of the US patents issued to Cisco last year were filed off the back of R&D activities conducted in India, the IT company announced last week. While that could be interpreted as demonstrating the impressive innovation capacity of R&D…

01 December 2015

Manpower shortage bottlenecks Indian innovation

India’s Commerce and Industry Ministry yesterday told the country’s parliament that the backlog of applications at the Patent Office stands around 246,500. This level of pendency, no doubt familiar to IP owners, stems from the fact that the office…

05 November 2015

The Pacific's pint-sized patent powerhouse: an infographic

We've reported a couple of stories from Taiwan this week (here and here), so it seemed like an opportune time to share a few key patent-related stats from the island with you. The Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) released its Q3 filing numbers earlier…