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04 September 2017

Huawei picks up Hitachi patents, but the US courtroom battle between the two companies goes on

China’s top patent owner Huawei has continued its third-party acquisition efforts with the recent pick-up of seven US patent grants from Japanese company Hitachi. Several weeks on from that transaction, it doesn’t look like the apparent patent sale…

31 July 2017

The $2 billion Apple licensing deal validates Nokia's portfolio and its strategy; expect more to follow

If you were looking for clues as to why Apple is fighting its patent battle with Qualcomm so intensely, you might find some in the latest quarterly results announced by Nokia. These reveal a one off payment of over $2 billion to the Finnish company…

18 July 2017

Coverage, cloud and calls to the C-suite: Xiaomi IP strategy head on what drove deal with Nokia

Two weeks ago, Nokia and Xiaomi announced a patent cross-licence and transfer deal. To sum up, Xiaomi continued its effort to buy third-party patents, Nokia has gotten an important validation for its portfolio in China’s crucial implementer…

06 July 2017

Five key takeaways from the big patent and business deal agreed by Nokia and Xiaomi

Yesterday, Nokia announced a patent cross-licence and sale agreement with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which it said was part of a broader business cooperation agreement. No financial terms were disclosed, but we know that both sides will get a…

26 June 2017

In a tough patent market, another Taiwanese OEM goes to Texas to extract value from its patent portfolio

Qisda is a major publicly-listed contract manufacturer in Taiwan, appearing among the top 10 global original design manufacturers (ODMs). It has been relatively quiet on the patent front compared to some of its peers, but a recent spate of…

15 June 2017

E Ink and Huawei latest Asian companies to go shopping for AT&T patents

Assignment records indicate that the last six months have seen AT&T continue to record a steady stream of patent assignments to other operating companies. Huawei and E Ink are the latest members of the IAM Asia IP Elite to acquire assets from the…

13 June 2017

LG Electronics takes SEP crown in 4G-LTE as Asian patent owners make big gains

Asian tech companies have made up a lot of ground in the 4G-LTE patent landscape, according to a new analysis, with LG Electronics and Huawei leading the way. The report from iRunway, which specialises in patent litigation and licensing support,…

05 June 2017

Xiaomi open to another patent mega-deal if the right opportunity presents itself

It has been about a year since Xiaomi completed one of the larger single patent acquisitions made by an emerging Chinese tech company. The smartphone maker secured around 1,500 Microsoft patents as part of a licensing deal and a technology sharing…

12 May 2017

ZTE revealed as vendor of Chinese patents sold to NPE set up by ex-Acacia executives

ZTE is the “major Chinese telecom equipment and smartphone manufacturer” that agreed to sell a patent portfolio – including, significantly, a number of China-only patent families – to Texan NPE Longhorn IP earlier this year, new USPTO records reveal…

02 May 2017

InterDigital CEO hails Unwired Planet v Huawei decision “an extremely important development”

In the next issue of IAM we will be running a feature on InterDigital, a company which despite a tough climate for many licensing businesses has been a big growth story over the last five years. The wireless tech business currently has Samsung,…

17 April 2017

ETRI’s US ‘hunting licence’ revoked; documents shed light on litigation strategy and revenue goals

A US judge last week dismissed a lawsuit accusing Huawei of infringing of 9 patents owned by South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) after four years of maneuvering. The finding that plaintiff SPH America, LLC…

07 April 2017

Ecstasy and agony for Huawei after $11.6 million China win and landmark FRAND dispute loss in the UK

This has been a week of agony and ecstasy for Huawei on the patent litigation front. In a landmark judgment, a UK court ruled that the Chinese telecoms giant must pay NPE Unwired Planet (UP) worldwide royalties for infringing two of its patents…

27 March 2017

Ericsson 5G royalty play may be less generous than originally thought; but it's definitely smart

The week before last, Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he revealed the royalty rates the company would be asking for in relation to patents covering 5G technology in the mobile communications sector…

18 March 2017

Ericsson is right to embrace licensing transparency, but the company now has to make it work

Ericsson has revealed its standard essential patent (SEP) royalty fee price range for 5G mobile phone networks. In an interview published on Bloomberg yesterday, chief IP officer Gustav Brismark stated that charges would begin at $2.50 for lower-end…

13 March 2017

Fractus proves the power of patents to deliver sustained, game-changing success to tech start-ups

Fractus is one of those very rare stories – a European SME that gets the importance of IP and has prospered on the back of that understanding. What makes the company even rarer is that it is based in Barcelona; the second city of Spain, a country in…