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18 March 2017

Ericsson is right to embrace licensing transparency, but the company now has to make it work

Ericsson has revealed its standard essential patent (SEP) royalty fee price range for 5G mobile phone networks. In an interview published on Bloomberg yesterday, chief IP officer Gustav Brismark stated that charges would begin at $2.50 for lower-end…

13 March 2017

Fractus proves the power of patents to deliver sustained, game-changing success to tech start-ups

Fractus is one of those very rare stories – a European SME that gets the importance of IP and has prospered on the back of that understanding. What makes the company even rarer is that it is based in Barcelona; the second city of Spain, a country in…

14 February 2017

Already immersed in a FRAND war, Huawei is attacked by NPE wielding Ericsson and Panasonic SEPs

Already embroiled in a standards licensing dispute with competitors Ericsson and Nokia, Huawei now faces battle on a new front after NPE PanOptis sued the Chinese company for alleged infringement of its standard-essential patents (SEPs). PanOptis…

31 January 2017

Ericsson and Microsoft both announce falls in licensing revenues as market conditions remain tough

There was more evidence last week of ongoing challenges for patent licensing when two giants of the tech world published their latest quarterly results. On Thursday, Microsoft announced its numbers for the second quarter of its 2017 financial…

17 January 2017

Huawei’s SEP licensing drive turns into clash of the telecom titans as Ericsson steps in with Nokia

After launching a series of standard-essential patent (SEP) suits against T-Mobile USA in the Eastern District of Texas last year, Huawei now finds itself under attack on multiple fronts from the US company’s suppliers. Nokia’s Solutions & Networks…

12 January 2017

Transparency of Via Licensing's AAC royalty rate structure for developing markets could make it a benchmark

Dolby-backed patent pool operator Via Licensing has announced some high profile new licensing agreements in Greater China over the past month, with Lenovo and Xiaomi having joined the pool covering AAC technology. A big factor in this apparent…

02 August 2016

Blackberry enters second phase of its patent monetisation push with Texas suit against Avaya

Blackberry seems to be entering a new phase of its patent monetisation programme with the initiation of litigation against Avaya in the Northern District of Texas. In a suit, which was filed on 27th July, Blackberry alleges that the Santa Clara…

28 March 2016

Rovi plus Tivo with a bit of IV thrown in would create a powerful licensing force in a growing market

There’s no doubt that over the last few years Rovi has been ramping up its IP strategy. Last year it made its debut in our list (put together by MDB Capital Group) of those companies with at least 1000 active US patents as its total number of assets…

14 December 2015

India's challenge is to turn its world class R&D and innovation expertise into valuable, high-quality patents

Almost one-tenth of the US patents issued to Cisco last year were filed off the back of R&D activities conducted in India, the IT company announced last week. While that could be interpreted as demonstrating the impressive innovation capacity of R&D…

11 December 2015

For US patent plaintiffs, China might become an even more attractive forum than Europe promises to be

A lot of people in the patent world are currently weighing up how the European Union’s forthcoming Unified Patent Court will change things. As this blog reported recently, the ratification process is not progressing with breathtaking speed and might…

10 December 2015

Privateering may be putting a brake on PIPCO consolidation

One of the trends for the NPE sector that this blog and others have been predicting for a while is that there will be a wave of a consolidation, principally among the public traded licensing businesses. Uncertainty in the IP market, thanks to a…

08 December 2015

Vringo's $21.5 million global settlement with ZTE reflects the IP market's new realities

US PIPCO Vringo announced late yesterday that its Vringo Infrastructure subsidiary had reached a litigation settlement and licence agreement with Chinese telecoms major ZTE, bringing to an end a sprawling, multi-jurisdictional and at times…

04 December 2015

SEPs could be next in line for investor validity challenges as rumours grow of two big, new funds launching

As we approach the end of the year and consider the main trends of 2015 there’s no doubt that one of the biggest stories has been the IPR challenges to biotech and pharma patents filed by Erich Spangenberg and Kyle Bass. They’re not alone in seeing…

03 December 2015

Licence agreement with Xiaomi suggests Qualcomm is on the right footing again in China

Qualcomm and Xiaomi yesterday announced they have entered into a new 3G and 4G China patent licence agreement. The news comes less than a month after the US company told investors that its efforts to secure deals with Chinese smartphone companies…

03 December 2015

Spherix avoids “draconian consequences” of missing $5 million RPX payment

It was always one of the stranger outcomes of RPX’s acquisition of the Rockstar portfolio that as part of the deal it found itself as the largest shareholder in the NPE Spherix. When your business model is based on reducing exposure to NPE…