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02 March 2017

TiVo royalty revenues on the up and there is more to come says company’s licensing and IP chief

In IP licensing terms one of the most significant deals of last year was Rovi’s acquisition of TiVo, a transaction that brought together two giants of the pay-TV and DVR technology markets. The stated rationale for Rovi’s interest was Tivo’s…

02 February 2017

Global head of legal and Apple scourge departs Creative after helping build a major Asian patent player

Change is in the air at digital entertainment company Creative Technology, one of the businesses that put Singapore on the map in terms of patents. Anan Sivananthan has stepped down as associate vice president and head of legal after spending 17…

15 January 2017

Licensing income a stand-out success in what was generally a poor 2016 for Technicolor

Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose has probably not had the best of weekends. On Thursday, the Paris-based entertainment technology company issued a warning that EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) for financial year…

01 December 2016

Deal between TiVo and Netflix provides welcome licensing boost and confirms value of IV tie-up

The licensing deal announced earlier this week between set top box operator TiVo and Netflix covers more than just IP. The agreed terms mean that TiVo will continue integrating Netflix into its devices, something which includes unified search of…

15 November 2016

Dolby is the latest foreign patent owner to select India for asserting against Chinese companies

Dolby has reportedly sued Oppo and Vivo in the Delhi High Court, accusing the two Chinese electronics and smartphone manufacturers of failing to pay appropriate royalties for use of its patented technologies. Dolby follows Ericsson in seeking to…

31 July 2016

Spectacular Technicolor licensing performance shows that the monetisation market is far from dead

At times, it might seem as if building a patent licensing business is a thankless task: the environment often looks so anti-patent that it becomes hard to see just where deals are going to come from. In those moments of doom and gloom, though, it is…

17 June 2016

Spotify, Uber and Netflix all in the crosshairs as Amazon Web Services users face spate of infringement lawsuits

Earlier this week an entity called Global Equity Management (GEMSA) filed lawsuits against 20 separate operating companies including Spotify, Netflix and Uber over the alleged infringement of two patents. All of the suits were filed in the Eastern…

28 March 2016

Rovi plus Tivo with a bit of IV thrown in would create a powerful licensing force in a growing market

There’s no doubt that over the last few years Rovi has been ramping up its IP strategy. Last year it made its debut in our list (put together by MDB Capital Group) of those companies with at least 1000 active US patents as its total number of assets…

17 December 2015

Korea’s patents per GDP dollar – another IP statistic that doesn’t tell the whole story

South Korea files more patent applications per US dollar of its gross domestic product than any other country in the world, according to the latest edition of WIPO’s annual World IP Indicators report. While that may sound like an impressive feat,…

16 November 2015

A major global player in the IP services business might soon be up for grabs

One of the biggest-ever sales in the IP service provider sector could be in the offing following Thomson Reuters' announcement that it is exploring “strategic options” for its Intellectual Property & Science business. A statement from the…

12 November 2015

Recent moves by Chinese start-up drone builder DJI suggest that it is preparing for a better IP future

DJI – one of the leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for commercial and recreational purposes – has made a couple of major announcements in the past few days. Both underline its efforts to expand its business and the…

08 November 2015

Parsa Wireless gets together with former Rockstar team to create a "win-win" alliance

File this under “One to Keep an Eye On”: Parsa Wireless has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Marquis Technologies, the firm led by former Rockstar CEO John Veschi, which he and other senior managers at the NPE formed following…

26 October 2015

Patents linked to South Korea’s Intellectual Discovery asserted in Eastern Texas litigation

An entity named ‘Game and Technology Co., Ltd’ has launched litigation in the Eastern District of Texas claiming infringement of patents that had been assigned to it from Intellectual Discovery (ID), the firm that manages South Korea’s ‘sovereign…

06 October 2015

Misinformation and misinterpretation abound as the TPP passes after years of wrangling

Negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries announced yesterday that they had reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade liberalisation pact covering 40% of the world’s economy which has proven controversial for, among other…

29 September 2015

Study reveals the most active borrowers and lenders in US patent-backed financing

Recent research from IP analytics firm Relecura provides a fascinating analysis of trends in patent-backed financings over the past few years. In terms of lenders, US banks dominate; while the list of top loanees is largely comprised of US operating…