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09 May 2016

As licensors signal IoT focus, Chinese appliance companies will continue investing in patents

Looking back over the first third of 2016, you could argue that the industry sector in China that’s seen the most interesting activity from a patent transactions point of view is not semiconductors or smartphones, but appliances. After all, the…

09 February 2016

Internet of things is big change that licensing must accommodate, says Alfalahi as he prepares for new job

After the smartphone revolution the next step change in global connectivity is undoubtedly going to be the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Machine to machine connections which bring everything from simple household appliances to cars…

05 November 2015

CEO decision to stay is best bit of news in momentous year for WiLAN

Whichever way you look at it, it’s hard not to see the announcement yesterday that Jim Skippen will stay on as CEO of WiLAN as anything other than very good news for the NPE. Skippen announced earlier this year that he was going to step down but…

27 October 2015

How a $2.4bn acquisition by Qualcomm might undermine the IEEE’s controversial patent policy

Qualcomm’s acquisition this summer of CSR would at first glance seem to have few implications for the patent market.  The deal, which closed in August, saw the tech giant buy the much smaller British chipmaker for $2.4bn in a move that should…

22 September 2015

Chinese buyer of Segway goes on the attack in US patent suit

Patent litigation watchers will know that a sudden reversal of roles is not out of the ordinary– with accused infringers seeking to regain the initiative by going on the offensive and putting plaintiffs on their back feet. A recent infringement case…

10 September 2015

Microsoft is tops for speech recognition patents, report reveals

A new study  by technology consulting and litigation support firm iRunway has analysed the patent landscape around speech recognition technology, finding that Microsoft and specialist company Nuance lead the way. The report highlights the growth in…

16 July 2015

Automotive patent filings may not lead to a Xiaomi car, but they do show that the company is keeping its options open

The recent publication of nine car-related patents filed by Xiaomi has added fuel to long running-rumours that the Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer is planning a foray into the automotive industry. The patents reportedly cover internet…

11 June 2015

Unified’s new auto zone provides further proof that patent activity in the sector is increasing

In another sign that patent activity continues to increase in the auto sector, Unified Patents has announced the formation of a new zone focused on the industry. Although more than 20 companies have joined the zone only Honda and Toyota have been…

05 June 2015

Nothing personal, just business: SMEs must be pragmatic in China IP dealings

Last weekend’s LA Times ran an interesting profile focused on a US startup’s IP infringement woes, titled ‘For Solowheel maker, a patent rights nightmare in China’. At the centre of the story is Shane Chen, a Washington state inventor and…

22 May 2015

World’s largest asset manager enters the IP financing game with wearables loan

BlackRock – the world’s biggest investment firm with over $4.6 trillion of assets under management – is loaning wearable technology company Jawbone $300 million against its intellectual property and other intangible assets. According to a Bloomberg…

16 April 2015

With limited spare cash Xiaomi must play smart to grow its patent hoard

Beijing-based robotics and transportation startup Ninebot has bought US competitor Segway – the manufacturer of the somewhat iconic, somewhat notorious, two-wheeled scooters known by the same name. Ninebot concurrently announced that a funding round…

24 March 2015

Panasonic makes its case as Japan’s IP strategy leader with royalty-free and open source plans

Panasonic announced that it will grant royalty-free access to its patents, software and other technology assets relevant to the development of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) services at the Embedded Linux Conference in San Diego yesterday. This…

19 March 2015

China and US-based open innovation platforms defy ‘IP warfare’ and theft fears to join forces

Detroit-based AutoHarvest Foundation and Guangzhou’s WTOIP have forged a partnership designed to accelerate the exchange and adoption of technology by IP owners on both sides of the Pacific. “I hope that bringing the invention engine of the United…

03 March 2015

Nokia devices making a comeback due to IP-based collaboration with Hon Hai

Last week, this blog reported on Hon Hai (Foxconn) chairman Terry Guo’s suggestion that the company had been guilty of profligate patenting. Henceforth, he said, Hon Hai’s focus will be on filing fewer applications of higher quality. Speaking…

01 March 2015

Deal with Ford is potentially very good news for IV and also indicates patents are coming to the fore in auto sector

To this observer, it’s slightly strange that there has not been more comment on the announcement made by Intellectual Ventures on 27th February that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Ford. Writing on the IV blog, president and COO…