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17 April 2015

Europe and Asia controlled LED lighting landscape looks like fertile ground for patent licensing and litigation

Earlier this week, IAM reported on Philips' sale of the majority of its LED lighting unit Lumileds to a Chinese-led investment consortium. The deal - which is expected to complete during the third quarter of this year, subject to conditions and…

13 April 2015

Philips LED deal shows that Chinese investors, as well as corporates, see the strategic power of IP assets

IAM readers keeping tabs on the LED industry will likely be aware of the recently announced deal which will see Philips sell the majority of its Lumileds lighting components unit to Chinese-led investment consortium GO Scale Capital for $3.3 billion…

31 March 2015

Asian companies lead the way in royalty-free patent licence strategies

Seoul-based Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of the Korean port city of Changwon that will see it share its patents and knowhow relating to liquefied natural gas (LNG)…

27 March 2015

China's lead in graphene patents will count for little if it does not result in products that come to market

Research released by the UK IP Office (UKIPO) this week reveals that Chinese entities own more graphene-related patents than those from any other country. However, the findings also underline the difficulties that Chinese IP owners seem to be…

23 March 2015

Patents give Kodak a second chance – and what could be more American than that?

How will we come to view Kodak? The iconic US company emerged from bankruptcy in 2013 after it had missed the digital photography revolution and crumbled into technological irrelevance. On Sunday it was the subject of a New York Times article which…

20 March 2015

Microsoft USPTO patent assignments may indicate a change of monetisation strategy

In the Data centre section of each issue of IAM magazine, we include tables outlining the preceding two months’ top assignors and assignees of patents as recorded at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The data – which is provided by ktMINE – ranks…

12 March 2015

Fujifilm’s IP dynamism is securing its future – and could save human lives along the way

A drug developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm has shown some efficacy in the treatment of patients infected with the extremely contagious – and usually deadly – ebola virus, according to recent reports. The compound – Favipiravir – is manufactured by…

06 March 2015

China's planned patent damages overhaul could have unintended consequences

The National People’s Congress (NPC) – China’s legislature – convened in Beijing this week for its annual meeting. While its counterpart sitting in Washington DC mulls over its own patent reform proposals, the NPC has the prospective overhaul of…

27 February 2015

We have been filing too many patents, says Hon Hai boss

Hon Hai (Foxconn) chairman and founder Terry Gou gave some insight into his company’s falling patent application rate while speaking at a Lunar New Year ceremony in Taipei yesterday. Statistics from the Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) suggest that the…

13 February 2015

LG has as much to gain from its open innovation drive as Korea’s SMEs

LG Group – one of South Korea’s largest chaebol (conglomerates) and parent of companies including LG Electronics, LG Chem and LG Display, among others – announced last week that it would ‘open up’ part of its patent portfolio for use by third…

10 February 2015

Foreign SMEs may fare better than the big boys enforcing their patents in China

It is no secret that some Western rights holders feel that China’s legal and regulatory systems are stacked against them. Such sentiments will be especially acute with yesterday’s announcement that Qualcomm has been fined $975 million and forced to…

02 February 2015

In China, as elsewhere, it's big tech that dominates the patent grants league table

The People’s Daily and the Intellectual Property Publishing House – a media arm of China’s State IP Office (SIPO) – recently released statistics showing which entities were granted the most Chinese patents in 2014. The grant data below relates…

23 January 2015

The age of the IP-aware activist shareholder has arrived

Private equity firm Vector Capital has filed suit against Technicolor over allegations that the French company manipulated shareholder voting. This is the latest development in a long running dispute between the two over the future of Technicolor&…

19 January 2015

China’s future lies in its intellectual capital, not mass patent filings, says Randall Rader

Released last month, the World IP Organisation’s 2014 World IP Indicators report shows that China’s State IP Office (SIPO) received 825,136 patent applications in 2013, making it the world’s largest patent office in terms of filings for the third…

16 January 2015

How patents and licensing underpin the multi-trillion dollar mobile communications economy

A new report has outlined the crucial roles that long-term R&D, a robust IP system and a collaborative approach to technology standards and licensing have played in the development of the mobile sector. The report by the Boston Consulting Group,…