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20 July 2015

Fujitsu revealed as major corporate that assigned 500 assets to sovereign patent fund IP Bridge

Last month, we reported on two major deals involving Japanese sovereign patent fund (SPF) manager IP Bridge which hinted at an acceleration in its monetisation plans (we also ran a guest blog post from IP Bridge’s CEO). One of the transactions…

02 July 2015

Patent enforcement pioneer’s multi-million dollar victory indicates that China damages are on the up

Computing storage solutions developer Netac Technology has been awarded Rmb40 million (approximately US$6.45 million) in damages after a court in China’s Guangxi autonomous region found that products made by Beijing IT manufacturer Watertek had…

26 June 2015

BlackBerry's deal with Cisco could mark the Canadian company's coming of age as a big patent licensor

No-one willingly pays to license patents is an old adage and a very accurate one. There are few to which it applies with more vigour than Cisco. So, the news a few days back that the company had entered into a cross-licensing agreement with…

25 June 2015

Indian companies remain worryingly indifferent about filing patents at home

India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Geographical Indications has released its most recent annual report for 2013-2014. The statistics look promising in terms of improved service levels at the office; but when…

23 June 2015

Apple’s revenue per patent leaves the other big US portfolio owners in the shade

In the latest issue of IAM we published a list, compiled by MDB Capital Group, of the 369 companies that as of the end of last year owned at least 1,000 active US patents. For anyone who closely follows the patent market the top 10 was a largely…

12 June 2015

Microsoft, IBM, ARM, Shazam, BAE and leading NPEs get together to tackle patent market’s transparency troubles

IPBC Global 2015, being held next week at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, will host the launch of the Open Registry of Patent Ownership (ORoPO) - a new project aimed at creating a more efficient global patent market by encouraging openness and…

12 June 2015

As the Innovation Act passes out of committee patent reform still lacks key industry support

Like its Senate counterpart last week, the Innovation Act comfortably passed out of committee yesterday after mark-up by the House Judiciary Committee. It did so, however, with notable concerns yet to be resolved. In separate statements the…

09 June 2015

Chinese industry’s foreign investment choices provide a ringing endorsement of the US patent system

The strong IP protections offered in the United States have attracted Chinese investment to the tune of billions of dollars, in turn creating tens of thousands of jobs for US residents, according to recent research. Released last month, ‘New…

05 June 2015

Nothing personal, just business: SMEs must be pragmatic in China IP dealings

Last weekend’s LA Times ran an interesting profile focused on a US startup’s IP infringement woes, titled ‘For Solowheel maker, a patent rights nightmare in China’. At the centre of the story is Shane Chen, a Washington state inventor and…

02 June 2015

Like much else in US patent litigation, the cost of IPRs skews the system heavily against the small guy

There have been a few suggestions recently that the cost of re-exam procedures should be lowered so that the use of inter partes reviews (IPR) and covered business method (CBM) reviews, are not only affordable for the richest of players in the US…

26 May 2015

HP's Tsinghua link-up lights the way for foreign companies looking to exploit IP in China; but big hurdles remain

Hewlett-Packard has agreed to sell the majority stake in its China-based networking, data storage and server businesses to state-run Tsinghua Holdings – the investment arm of Beijing’s Tsinghua University – in a deal worth at least US$2.3 billion…

22 May 2015

Lycos patent sale may be happening two years too late

The news this week that Lycos is looking to dispose of some of its patents afforded tech bloggers the opportunity to remind their readers that yes, one of the iconic internet search brands of the before-Google era still exits. For those in the…

12 May 2015

“Those who really love it” – the very slanted views of patent witnesses called by Congress

One of the standout comments from last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the PATENT Act came from Senator Durbin. He remarked that the five witnesses called appeared divided between “those who love” the bill and “those who really love” it…

28 April 2015

“Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of patents,” Google tells the market

Whatever you think of the possible motives, you can’t fault Google for trying. The search giant launched another initiative yesterday targeted at solving what it terms the “NPE problem”: the fact that 70% of the patents that are litigated by non…

24 April 2015

The Microsoft patent portfolio: 40,000+ active patents; China biggest jurisdiction after US; 15% of total acquired

Microsoft celebrated its 40th birthday this month. In the four decades that have passed since its relatively humble beginnings as a start-up, the US company has grown to become one of the world’s largest patent holders. According to the US Patent…