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04 July 2017

Taiwan chipmaker’s patent claims against Toshiba spark rumoured takeover interest

A Taiwanese chipmaker’s first offensive patent assertion campaign in the US has taken aim at Toshiba, whose semiconductor unit is currently the subject of a fierce takeover contest. Macronix, a Hsinchu-headquartered maker of memory solutions, filed…

23 June 2017

If you want to make a successful deal in China, leave your standard licence template at home

A lot of the activity going on in the China market is so-called soft licensing. Rather than showing up with claim charts in hand, Western technology executives are exploring ways that they can work together with Chinese partners. It’s certainly…

22 June 2017

The UPC will not get started in 2017 and don't bet too much on it happening in 2018 either

It’s been a big political week in the UK. On Monday, David Davis, the government minister overseeing the Brexit process, finally had his first formal meeting with Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for the EU27, so beginning the discussions around…

24 January 2017

IP strategy set to play an even bigger role in Xiaomi’s global expansion plans as Wang takes reins from Barra

Xiaomi’s vice president of global operations, Hugo Barra, will leave the company after the Chinese New Year festival later this month. Wang Xiang – senior vice president for strategic cooperation and the man that oversees Xiaomi’s IP function – will…

19 January 2017

State-led innovation success story for China is also a warning on trade secrets protection

Last week Chinese media trumpeted an apparent victory for government-led innovation, as a steel firm revealed that it has mastered the process of manufacturing ballpoint pen tips. Largely celebrated in China, the announcement has generated debate…

13 January 2017

Asian brokers made a patent market breakthrough in 2016, signalling future growth potential

The most recent issue of IAM features our annual appraisal of the past year’s brokered patent market, put together by Kent Richardson, Erik Oliver and Michael Costa of ROL Group. Subscribers can read the full article here. The bottom line, according…

19 December 2016

Via Licensing's latest deal in China illustrates benefits of a “flexible” approach

Dolby subsidiary Via Licensing and Lenovo have announced a deal which makes the Chinese company the newest member of the pool operated by Via for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patents. Ira Blumberg, Lenovo’s vice president for intellectual property,…

15 December 2016

Burford’s acquisition of Gerchen Keller could have major implications for patent owners

In the still relatively nascent world of litigation finance the tie-up announced yesterday between Burford Capital and Gerchen Keller Capital is about as big a deal as you can get. In the seven years since it was founded, Burford has become a giant…

14 March 2017

In tough market, how close Yahoo! gets to $740 million for Excalibur remains to be seen

Since Yahoo! put its Excalibur patent portfolio up for sale last summer, estimates have varied on how much it might go for. One early report speculated that the patents could generate as much as $4 billion — the kind of price tag not seen since the…

10 March 2017

Post-merger Broadcom issues patent suit broadside targeting LG, Mediatek and Funai

Broadcom launched a number of patent infringement lawsuits against Asian and US companies this week, in what looks to be the Singapore-based chipmaker’s first concerted assertion campaign since its reconfiguration through merger last year. The…

08 March 2017

Don’t miss your chance to win a free delegate place at this year's IPBC Global

There is now just over one week left in which to participate in our IP benchmarking survey and be in with a chance of winning a complimentary delegate place at IPBC Global taking place in Ottawa in June. For more than one month we have been…

03 March 2017

China relaxes rules on software patentability – and the United States loses more ground

Amended patent examination guidelines will come into force in China next month that look set to make it easier to obtain patent protection on certain software-related inventions in the country. The final revised rules announced by China’s State…

27 February 2017

Former Intellectual Ventures development fund Xinova seeks $50 million in new investment

Xinova – formerly the Invention Development Fund (IDF) of Intellectual Ventures (IV) – is seeking up to $50 million in investment amid hopes that its “cultivated innovation” business model is getting closer to turning its first-ever profit. …

24 February 2017

Acacia alumni NPE acquires Chinese patents amid growing enthusiasm about country’s licensing prospects

Texas-based NPE Longhorn IP announced this week that it has acquired a patent portfolio, including several China-only patent families, from a major Chinese telecoms company. Here is the firm’s statement on the deal: Longhorn IP announced [Monday]…

23 February 2017

Foreign patent owners face big hurdles getting damage awards and licence fees out of China

IAM readers are probably aware that the Chinese government began taking major steps to stem the outflow of capital from the country last year as its foreign currency reserves fell near the $3 trillion mark and the yuan weakened significantly against…