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10 April 2017

Interest groups gear up for fight with Trump administration over USPTO budget

A group of IP advocacy groups, industry bodies and companies have written to President Trump to highlight the impact of the ongoing government hiring freeze on the USPTO and, more broadly, on US innovation. In one of his first actions after…

28 March 2017

There’s still all to play for in SCOTUS venue case which could shift focus back to Congress

The Supreme Court had another key aspect of US patent law in its sights on Monday as it heard oral arguments in TC Heartland LLC v Kraft Group Food Brands. The case provides the eight justices with the chance to radically overhaul the law concerning…

27 March 2017

Ericsson 5G royalty play may be less generous than originally thought; but it's definitely smart

The week before last, Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he revealed the royalty rates the company would be asking for in relation to patents covering 5G technology in the mobile communications sector…

24 March 2017

German NPE litigation boom is real, says new study; while China's potential begins to show

Recent research from IP analytics firm Darts-ip has identified China and Germany as the two major patent jurisdictions in which NPEs enjoy the most success in infringement proceedings. However, the relatively low volume of cases being filed by NPEs…

23 March 2017

SCOTUS ruling gives patent owners mild cause for optimism; while former USPTO chief slams Breyer

We’re currently seeing a flurry of patent activity from the Supreme Court. Earlier this week it heard oral arguments in Impression Products Inc v Lexmark International while it also released its opinion in SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag v First…

20 March 2017

Korean sovereign patent fund Intellectual Discovery gets a new boss, but questions remain over its future

Korean sovereign patent fund operator Intellectual Discovery (ID) has new leadership in place following the abrupt departure of CEO Kwang Jun Kim, first reported by this blog last October. Media reports name the new president and CEO as Jung Dong…

16 March 2017

As it celebrates its 10th birthday, AST looks beyond the US and anticipates an upswing in patent prices

Defensive patent aggregation firm AST celebrates its 10th birthday this year at a time when it is on something of a roll. Last year, the firm successfully coordinated IP3, which, in a first for the market, brought together a group of operating…

04 May 2017

After Nikon launches global infringement litigation campaign, defendants fight back with former IV patents

Over the last week a high-profile multi jurisdictional patent dispute has erupted between Nikon and ASML and Carl Zeiss. In a relatively rare sortie to the courts, the Japanese camera maker has filed 11 suits against Dutch semiconductor equipment…

02 May 2017

Japanese business method grants surge in another example of Asia picking up the USPTO's slack

Japan has gone from being one of the most difficult major jurisdictions in which to patent business methods over the past two decades to one of the easiest, according to recent data from the Japan Patent Office (JPO). This is the latest indication…

28 April 2017

Foreign companies stand to benefit from Singapore's new $1 billion IP-focused fund

The Singaporean government has reinforced its strong IP credentials with the establishment of a S$1 billion (US$718 million) public-private investment fund that will target “high-growth companies with strong IP and proven business models”. …

27 April 2017

Big tech pins hopes on Lee, but private practice candidates enter frame for USPTO Director job

Since the start of the year there has been much discussion over who might be named the next director of the USPTO, with Obama appointee Michelle Lee holding the fort while candidates are vetted and interviewed. Among those under consideration are ex…

24 April 2017

We need to change the way we talk about IP; it's value, not law, that's key - says Singapore agency chief

As part of their conference package, delegates at tomorrow’s IPBC China event here in Beijing will be receiving the third issue of our Chinese-language magazine, which just hit my desk last week. Alongside translations of some of our most popular…

20 April 2017

China’s IP and business environments continue to move in opposite directions, say foreign firms

It is IP week in China, and that means we’ll be getting a lot of statistical insight into China’s relatively closed court system in the coming days as the Supreme People’s Court releases white papers summing up how many IP case were filed and by…

14 July 2017

Korea wants to attract more foreign IP litigants, but English-language hearings won’t do the trick

The Patent Court of Korea had a bold experiment in holding its first English-language trial hearing earlier this month. Korean authorities seem to think this change will make the venue more appealing to foreigners, but that outcome seeks unlikely. …

05 July 2017

IPBC Asia returns to the Palace Hotel in Tokyo this October and there's a lot to discuss

Since the first IPBC Asia in Singapore in 2013, the region's IP marketplace has grown significantly. Local corporates have not only expanded their portfolios, but have also become more active in IP litigation and transactions. A few years ago…