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01 June 2017

TC Heartland decision may already be having an impact on venue filing decisions in the US

Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in TC Heartland the generally accepted view has been that it will have a profound impact on where plaintiffs file infringement lawsuits. Yes, there is still scope to bring suits in East Texas thanks…

26 May 2017

Another case confirms US university IPR immunity, but doubts emerge over how long loophole can survive

In January a PTAB decision gave state universities in the US the kind of protection that other patent owners have only been able to dream about in recent years. In an inter partes review (IPR) brought by Covidien against a patent owned by the…

05 October 2017

Former Cisco IP executive gets top patent role at Google

Google has a new head of patents. Michael Lee, who joined the company from Cisco in January, has been appointed to the role following Allen Lo’s exit in August. Lee had been lead counsel for mobile at Google, having previously spent eight years at…

03 October 2017

IAM 86 now published - we name the individuals driving the global IP market in 2017

Issue 86 of IAM has now been published and is available to subscribers online. Inside this issue, we name our IAM Market Makers of 2017. This is our annual assessment of who we believe the main drivers of the global IP market are: the individuals…

22 September 2017

Korea's new antitrust boss says he'll target patent abuse in the IoT realm

Over the past few years, South Korea’s antitrust regulator has been one of the toughest on issues of intellectual property. Now, the leader of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) says the body is about to start an inquest focused on how patents…

21 September 2017

Google to pay $1.1 billion for HTC smartphone R&D team and IP licence rights

A long-rumoured Google-HTC deal finally took shape this morning, as the two companies announced a $1.1 billion “cooperation agreement”. Predictions had ranged from an outright acquisition of HTC by Google to a strategic investment, but the actual…

25 May 2017

Huawei puts royalties on the balance sheet to the tune of $300 million

IP-minded readers of Huawei's 2016 annual report will have noticed a striking change in the company's accounting of its intangible assets. Alongside goodwill, trademarks, software and patents is a brand new category – royalties. The company…

24 May 2017

Day Three INTA Barcelona report - CPA planning for change, .sucks momentum, top in-house teams and more

The INTA 2017 Annual Meeting is coming to an end after five action-packed days in Barcelona. Here’s the final round-up of what has been going on from World Trademark Review reporters Trevor Little (TL) and Tim Lince (TJL), and me, Joff Wild (JW).   …

23 May 2017

Despite yesterday’s historic decision in TC Heartland venue reform may not be off the legislative table

In the roster of recent Supreme Court patent decisions, TC Heartland looks set to join eBay, Mayo and Alice as cases that have the greatest impact on the US system. The unanimous 8-0 ruling (the newly appointed Judge Gorsuch did not take part in the…

22 May 2017

Indian government may target IP royalty outflows to retaliate for Trump visa limits

A government task force is studying royalty outflows from Indian companies to foreign partners and parent companies, in an initiative some say could lead to the re-imposition of caps on such payments for technology and intellectual property. The…

16 May 2017

US businesses deal with tough effects of SCOTUS decisions; support grows for subject matter reform

The ongoing uncertainty over what constitutes patent eligible subject matter has led many to voice their concerns over the long-term implications for US business of failing to get patent protection for their inventions. According to recent research,…

16 May 2017

Chinese government R&D organisation files patent suits against US LED maker

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has taken what appears to be its highest profile step yet into the world of patent enforcement. Significantly, it is a US company, Cree, that will have to respond to the sprawling government R&D body's…

05 May 2017

It's a new dance in the auto industry as traditional players get used to changing rhythms and new partners

In his opening comments for the second panel of the day at IAM’s IP in the Auto Industry event which was held yesterday in Detroit, Autoharvest founder and CEO Jayson Pankin summed up the pace of change that the sector has experienced. “This…

04 May 2017

After Nikon launches global infringement litigation campaign, defendants fight back with former IV patents

Over the last week a high-profile multi jurisdictional patent dispute has erupted between Nikon and ASML and Carl Zeiss. In a relatively rare sortie to the courts, the Japanese camera maker has filed 11 suits against Dutch semiconductor equipment…

02 May 2017

Japanese business method grants surge in another example of Asia picking up the USPTO's slack

Japan has gone from being one of the most difficult major jurisdictions in which to patent business methods over the past two decades to one of the easiest, according to recent data from the Japan Patent Office (JPO). This is the latest indication…