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10 May 2016

Why reports about Huawei’s licensing windfall from Apple may be jumping to multi-million dollar conclusions

It has been widely reported in Chinese-language (and, increasingly, English-language) media over the past few days that Huawei may be receiving hundreds of millions of US dollars in patent licensing fees from Apple. The reports centre on data…

03 May 2016

Trade secrets come to the fore in the US and Europe with new legislation set to hit the statute books

Following the unusually swift and bipartisan passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act through Congress, the US is only a presidential signature away from a wide variety of civil trade secrets cases being litigated in federal courts for the first time…

02 May 2016

There'll be big ticket disputes in the auto sector, but thermonuclear war is not going to break out

With the smartphone patent wars all but finished, a US Supreme Court case notwithstanding, the search for the next big patent choke point is well and truly on. Arguments have been made for possible large-scale conflicts in sectors such as medtech,…

28 April 2016

Ericsson reveals the identity of its new chief IP officer

Gustav Brismark has been appointed as Ericsson’s new chief intellectual property officer. He takes over from Kasim Alfalahi, whose departure to run a new IoT licensing platforn was revealed earlier this year, and will formally assume his new…

06 June 2016

IV spins-out invention fund, Yahoo! patent sale, Brexit bypass & much more from IPBC Global 2016 Day One

The first full day of plenary sessions and breakouts at IPBC Global 2016 has now come to an end, and delegates are currently enjoying a cocktail reception in the grounds of conference venue the Hotel Arts. Throughout the day, IAM’s team of…

02 June 2016

Microsoft’s Xiaomi link-up shows patents as big deal value-added is gaining ground as a strategic approach

Whichever way you look at it, the deal between Microsoft and Xiaomi which was announced earlier this week has to go down as one of the most significant of the year so far. There are the terms of the deal itself – Xiaomi gets 1,500 patents from the…

27 May 2016

Intellectual Discovery may be the biggest of the sovereign patent funds, but its activities are the least known

South Korea’s Intellectual Discovery (ID), Japan’s IP Bridge and French outfit France Brevets are typically seen as comprising the first generation of ‘sovereign patent funds’ (SPFs). Loosely defined, these are entities with significant state…

26 May 2016

Huawei's Samsung litigation could end up revealing much about the Chinese company's licensing activities

Huawei’s filing of lawsuits against Samsung Electronics in China and the United States this week – accusing the Korean giant of infringing several of its standard-essential patents (SEPs) relating to 4G and LTE technologies – perhaps shows us that…

22 May 2016

With a month to go until the Brexit referendum, opinion polls are painting a confusing picture

In one month and one day, the UK electorate will be deciding the immediate, and perhaps the permanent, future of the proposed EU unitary patent and Unified Patent Court regime. That’s because on 23rd June, the British will vote on whether they want…

06 December 2016

Injunctions, trolls, booming markets, award winners and much more on IPBC Asia 2016 Day Two

The second day of IPBC Asia 2016 in Shanghai has just come to an end and the event is over – with delegates enjoying a final networking opportunity in the closing drinks reception. Once again, the IAM editorial team – Editor Joff Wild (JW), Asia…

25 November 2016

The post-Brexit vote future of Europe's unitary patent system is set to become much clearer on Monday

The UK’s position on the Unified Patent Court system is set to be revealed on Monday, according to multiple reports currently circulating here. It is believed that Baroness Neville-Rolfe, the country’s IP minister, will provide the other EU member…

25 November 2016

Conversant reaps ethical licensing reward in bounce-back Panasonic acquisition

Conversant IP Management has acquired a patent portfolio from Panasonic, according to an assignment recorded with the USPTO earlier this week. The transfer represents a new foray into the Japanese patent marketplace for the Canadian NPE after its…

24 November 2016

China's great leap forward in patenting does not equate to a surge in innovation

Another year goes by; and there's another announcement from WIPO to the effect that China’s lead on the rest of the world in terms of patent filings continues to increase. And, on the back of this, as usual there are also a host of news…

16 November 2016

IAM Strategy 300: not long left to submit nominations

For more than one month now, IAM has been accepting nominations for the 2017 edition of the IAM Strategy 300, the definitive guide to the world’s leading IP strategists. The nomination process closes on Monday November 28, so you don't have…

16 September 2016

UN panel recommends stricter patentability rules and compulsory licensing to improve access to medicine

A United Nations taskforce released its much-anticipated report on patient access to medicines this week. In the run-up to the report’s publication, many IP owners expected that the role of patents in the drug industry would very much be in the…