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03 March 2017

China relaxes rules on software patentability – and the United States loses more ground

Amended patent examination guidelines will come into force in China next month that look set to make it easier to obtain patent protection on certain software-related inventions in the country. The final revised rules announced by China’s State…

27 February 2017

Former Intellectual Ventures development fund Xinova seeks $50 million in new investment

Xinova – formerly the Invention Development Fund (IDF) of Intellectual Ventures (IV) – is seeking up to $50 million in investment amid hopes that its “cultivated innovation” business model is getting closer to turning its first-ever profit. …

24 February 2017

Acacia alumni NPE acquires Chinese patents amid growing enthusiasm about country’s licensing prospects

Texas-based NPE Longhorn IP announced this week that it has acquired a patent portfolio, including several China-only patent families, from a major Chinese telecoms company. Here is the firm’s statement on the deal: Longhorn IP announced [Monday]…

23 February 2017

Foreign patent owners face big hurdles getting damage awards and licence fees out of China

IAM readers are probably aware that the Chinese government began taking major steps to stem the outflow of capital from the country last year as its foreign currency reserves fell near the $3 trillion mark and the yuan weakened significantly against…

25 November 2016

The post-Brexit vote future of Europe's unitary patent system is set to become much clearer on Monday

The UK’s position on the Unified Patent Court system is set to be revealed on Monday, according to multiple reports currently circulating here. It is believed that Baroness Neville-Rolfe, the country’s IP minister, will provide the other EU member…

25 November 2016

Conversant reaps ethical licensing reward in bounce-back Panasonic acquisition

Conversant IP Management has acquired a patent portfolio from Panasonic, according to an assignment recorded with the USPTO earlier this week. The transfer represents a new foray into the Japanese patent marketplace for the Canadian NPE after its…

24 November 2016

China's great leap forward in patenting does not equate to a surge in innovation

Another year goes by; and there's another announcement from WIPO to the effect that China’s lead on the rest of the world in terms of patent filings continues to increase. And, on the back of this, as usual there are also a host of news…

16 November 2016

IAM Strategy 300: not long left to submit nominations

For more than one month now, IAM has been accepting nominations for the 2017 edition of the IAM Strategy 300, the definitive guide to the world’s leading IP strategists. The nomination process closes on Monday November 28, so you don't have…

08 October 2016

Gurry investigation dropped by WIPO member states; transparency and accountability are the losers - UPDATE

This blog was updated on 12th October to include new information about the vote that took place in Geneva on 7th October and to provide links to further documents that have been made public, including what is said to be an unredacted copy of the…

03 October 2016

Automakers in Korea and Japan embrace defensive patent aggregation, but Chinese companies hold out

This blog has noted that one of the big themes in Asia’s automaking industry this year has been a significant move by Japanese and Korean brands to join defensive patent alliances. It’s a strategic shift for the industry that in many ways is being…

27 May 2016

Intellectual Discovery may be the biggest of the sovereign patent funds, but its activities are the least known

South Korea’s Intellectual Discovery (ID), Japan’s IP Bridge and French outfit France Brevets are typically seen as comprising the first generation of ‘sovereign patent funds’ (SPFs). Loosely defined, these are entities with significant state…

26 May 2016

Huawei's Samsung litigation could end up revealing much about the Chinese company's licensing activities

Huawei’s filing of lawsuits against Samsung Electronics in China and the United States this week – accusing the Korean giant of infringing several of its standard-essential patents (SEPs) relating to 4G and LTE technologies – perhaps shows us that…

22 May 2016

With a month to go until the Brexit referendum, opinion polls are painting a confusing picture

In one month and one day, the UK electorate will be deciding the immediate, and perhaps the permanent, future of the proposed EU unitary patent and Unified Patent Court regime. That’s because on 23rd June, the British will vote on whether they want…

16 May 2016

As new entrants stake out space in the auto sector, patent partnerships are the industry’s future

Automotive industry insiders admit to seeing potential new market entrants from Silicon Valley as a “competitive threat”, and say the only way to stay ahead of the game is through partnerships and collaborations between both the traditional auto…

13 May 2016

Some hope for software patents in the US after the CAFC's Enfish decision, but this is no game-changer

Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Alice, many in the US patent community have been searching for a case that provides greater clarity on the justices’ thinking or, at the very least, doesn’t simply see the Court of Appeals for the…