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20 October 2016

Why financial services firms need to get smarter about the patent secondary market

Patents have become a lot more important in the financial services industry over recent years. However, this has not translated into active monitoring of the secondary market. In this guest blog Allied Security Trust’s Linda Biel argues that by…

18 October 2016

The global patent market might be moving East, but the US still holds considerable appeal – for now

A recent trend has been the gradual eastward shift of the global patent market’s centre of gravity, as owners have cottoned onto the growing appeal and significance of markets in Europe, as well as China’s rise. Chief IP officers now talk regularly…

17 October 2016

Meizu warns of “crisis” for Chinese industry as Qualcomm files new patent complaints in US and Europe

Qualcomm on Saturday announced that it has expanded its assertion campaign against Meizu, the largest Chinese smartphone maker yet to conclude a licence agreement with the US chipmaker since its 2015 settlement with Chinese regulators. The move…

14 October 2016

Samsung’s problems add to recent gloom for smartphone licensing businesses

This blog reported recently about how a lagging smartphone market is hurting the licensing industry. When much of the royalty base is calculated on a per handset basis, falling prices and sluggish sales don’t help those companies that over the last…

10 October 2016

There’ll be mixed feelings about Inventergy’s “deeper alliance” with Fortress at Huawei and Panasonic HQs

Publicly traded patent monetisation company Inventergy announced recently that it has expanded its IP-backed loan agreement with lender Fortress Investment Group. While the "deeper alliance" will reduce debt and expenses for the NPE, the expanded…

09 November 2016

First chance to look at the Trump presidency's approach to patents next week in Washington DC

Well, hands up if you saw that coming! For those of us who lived through the Brexit referendum, the idea that polls and betting markets are accurate forecasting tools was shown to be nonsensical months ago; but, even so, Donald Trump’s victory over…

07 November 2016

As litigation increases, China follows Japan in exploring state-subsidised IP infringement insurance

Patent authorities in both China and Japan have recently brought forth proposals for patent office-subsidised IP infringement insurance. SIPO says it will focus on offering protection to Chinese companies expanding outside the country, while the JPO…

03 November 2016

IP3 results announced – more than $5.3 million spent with an average price of $96,000 per patent family

AST announced the results last week for the Industry Patent Purchase Promotion (IP3), the initiative backed by 21 companies designed to give patent owners a quick and easy way of selling their patents. The headline numbers are that IP3 made 56…

16 June 2016

We have much more flexibility than PIPCOs, says man about to buy the Unwired Planet patents

The proposed acquisition of Unwired Planet, which is due to close later this month or in early July, is set to make the acquirer, Optis UP and its affiliated business PanOptis Patent Management, far more familiar names on the NPE scene. Although it…

16 June 2016

Korea's LG Chem focuses on creating larger, more diversified, higher quality patent portfolio

Korean companies own some of the world’s largest patent portfolios, including of course the single biggest stockpile of US grants – by some margin – which belongs to Samsung Electronics. On aggregate, though, they pay more patent royalties than they…

05 November 2015

The Pacific's pint-sized patent powerhouse: an infographic

We've reported a couple of stories from Taiwan this week (here and here), so it seemed like an opportune time to share a few key patent-related stats from the island with you. The Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) released its Q3 filing numbers earlier…

03 November 2015

We could soon be seeing a lot more tech deals between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese companies

Given the rate at which Tsinghua Unigroup has splashed out money in cross-border investment deals this year, it is no surprise to read of its latest acquisition – a stake in Taipei-based Powertech Technology worth $600 million. But it is significant…

29 October 2015

IAM Strategy 300 2016: nominate now!

The research process for IAM Strategy 300 2016 launched a fortnight ago and nominations have been steadily coming in for those world leading IP strategists our readers consider should have been included in the 2015 edition of the guide. But we want…

26 October 2015

Devastating New York Times critique of US patent reform may indicate the pendulum is swinging back

The Gerald Loeb Award is regarded as one of the most prestigious there is in business journalism. Past winners include some of the profession’s biggest and most influential names. Among them is New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, who has been a…

26 October 2015

Patents linked to South Korea’s Intellectual Discovery asserted in Eastern Texas litigation

An entity named ‘Game and Technology Co., Ltd’ has launched litigation in the Eastern District of Texas claiming infringement of patents that had been assigned to it from Intellectual Discovery (ID), the firm that manages South Korea’s ‘sovereign…