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04 July 2016

The Beijing IP court gave foreign IP plaintiffs a perfect 63-0 win rate in 2015, reports one of its judges

Foreign plaintiffs notched a 100% win rate in civil cases heard by the Beijing IP Court last year, according to a judge who has been on its roster since it was established in 2014. The revelation came in a speech delivered in early June by Gang Feng…

16 June 2016

We have much more flexibility than PIPCOs, says man about to buy the Unwired Planet patents

The proposed acquisition of Unwired Planet, which is due to close later this month or in early July, is set to make the acquirer, Optis UP and its affiliated business PanOptis Patent Management, far more familiar names on the NPE scene. Although it…

16 June 2016

Korea's LG Chem focuses on creating larger, more diversified, higher quality patent portfolio

Korean companies own some of the world’s largest patent portfolios, including of course the single biggest stockpile of US grants – by some margin – which belongs to Samsung Electronics. On aggregate, though, they pay more patent royalties than they…

06 June 2016

IPBC Global 2016 gets underway with the growing threat of Brexit hanging over the patent market

The IAM editorial team is in Barcelona currently for this year’s IPBC Global, which gets underway today. We have we over 500 delegates in attendance, many of whom hold senior IP leadership positions inside some of the world’s biggest and most…

04 June 2016

The world's leading IP strategists identified and profiled in new, free-to-access guide

The world’s pre-eminent IP strategists have been named in the IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists, published online by IAM and free to access. The unique guide lists the individuals that in-depth research, undertaken by a team…

09 November 2016

First chance to look at the Trump presidency's approach to patents next week in Washington DC

Well, hands up if you saw that coming! For those of us who lived through the Brexit referendum, the idea that polls and betting markets are accurate forecasting tools was shown to be nonsensical months ago; but, even so, Donald Trump’s victory over…

07 November 2016

As litigation increases, China follows Japan in exploring state-subsidised IP infringement insurance

Patent authorities in both China and Japan have recently brought forth proposals for patent office-subsidised IP infringement insurance. SIPO says it will focus on offering protection to Chinese companies expanding outside the country, while the JPO…

03 November 2016

IP3 results announced – more than $5.3 million spent with an average price of $96,000 per patent family

AST announced the results last week for the Industry Patent Purchase Promotion (IP3), the initiative backed by 21 companies designed to give patent owners a quick and easy way of selling their patents. The headline numbers are that IP3 made 56…

04 April 2016

New IPR and CBM review rules offer patent owners some hope, says former PTAB judge

Since they came into force in September 2012 the post-issuance reviews introduced by the America Invents Act have helped make life far tougher for US patent owners. Last week, however, the USPTO announced some changes to the rules governing the…

29 February 2016

This is the year the US patent pendulum swings back - how you should react

It’s been tough going for patent owners in the US over recent years, with legislation, the courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the USPTO increasing uncertainty over validity and enforcement; this has reduced the incentives alleged…

26 February 2016

It’s difficult to see how anyone gets paid their dues with India’s $3.65 smartphone

The Freedom 251 smartphone – launched last week in India by company Ringing Bells – is so named because it sells for a snip at just 251 rupees, which is around US$3.65 at current exchange rates. Access to the Internet, and to telecommunications…

25 February 2016

WiLAN and Marathon announcements say much about the directions the NPE sector is taking

There were two contrasting NPE stories in the news this week which say much about both the opportunities and the challenges facing the sector. First WiLAN announced that it had entered into an agreement with Dominion Harbor Group, which will see…

23 February 2016

Rosy figures on Japan’s royalty revenue obscure a big challenge facing its tech companies

Japan’s Ministry of Finance this month published data showing that 2015 was the biggest year ever for the country’s IP balance of payments surplus. The net flow of licensing money into the country is a fact that some, including the commissioner of…

22 February 2016

Why there'll be no equivalent of the Eastern District of Texas at the Unified Patent Court

Last Thursday a room-full of leading Silicon Valley IP professionals joined IAM for our Inside Europe’s New Patent Market – Winning Strategies for the UPC Regime conference at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco.  Over the course of the day,…

19 February 2016

Administrative patent enforcement booms in China as rights holders chase quick injunctions

It is well known that patent litigation cases in China are tracking upward as SIPO patent grants proliferate and competition between domestic companies heats up. But while a civil patent infringement lawsuit is generally agreed to be the most robust…