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28 June 2016

流行再び ― 現代企業の営業秘密


28 June 2016



24 May 2016

Patent issues for life sciences companies in China

China has become one of the most important markets for life sciences companies – not only because it has the largest population in the world and its economy has grown rapidly in the past three decades, but also because the Chinese government has…

30 August 2019

Trespassing prohibited

The availability of injunctive relief varies widely around the world. In our first analysis of the global injunction landscape we lift the lid on which jurisdictions provide the best opportunity for a sales ban

20 March 2015

Protecting brands in the digital space

In recent years the way that businesses operate globally has changed dramatically, thanks to the growing importance of the Internet. The situation in India is no different: consumers are increasingly turning to the Web for product information, price comparisons, special deals, discounts and even returns policies. India’s e-commerce market is estimated at $35 billion and is growing at a rate of 34% annually.

27 February 2018

Via and Sisvel launch new mobile platforms as patent pools respond to rapidly evolving market

Via Licensing and Sisvel have both announced the launch of multi-generational wireless patent pools bringing their previous 3G and 4G offerings under one umbrella. The new pools are designed to make things simpler for licensees particularly as,…

26 February 2018

Like Facebook, Google and Alibaba before it, Dropbox goes shopping at IBM in the run-up to IPO

Dropbox filed the necessary paperwork for an upcoming IPO late last week, putting it on track to become the latest tech unicorn to go public. It is also on the long list of high-profile, multi-billion dollar start-ups that have acquired patent…

26 February 2018

Panasonic spins another chip portfolio to Xperi in latest NPE hookup

Xperi picked up a portfolio of chip patents from Panasonic last December, according to USPTO assignment records. It was the second small-scale transaction between the two in the space of about one year. For the publicly traded licensing company…

22 February 2018

RPX says it is evaluating “strategic alternatives” and forecasts sharp decline in business

Yesterday, defensive patent aggregator RPX announced its fourth quarter and full financial year 2017 results, and revealed what readers of this blog have known for several weeks: a “for sale” sign has been erected by the firm - or, as the company…

19 February 2018

US patent owners get a big boost after the Federal Circuit hands down a key 101 decision

In the almost four years since the Supreme Court added to its jurisprudence around patentability in Alice Corp v CLS Bank, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) has been steadily filling in the blanks on what exactly constitutes patent…

16 February 2018

Why plaintiffs in US patent cases who understand the odds of victory are almost always best off settling

The vast majority of patent disputes in the US settle before they end up in court. One reason for this, it is claimed, is because scared defendants are worried into making suits go away by aggressive plaintiffs (trolls) who give them a choice of…

16 February 2018

Arrest of senior Indian patent office officials raises serious questions about system's integrity

The top official in the Indian Patent Office’s Chennai branch was detained along with one colleague earlier this month on charges of graft. While digital technologies and transparency initiatives have generally made India’s IP granting authorities…

15 February 2018

Diversity in the workforce leads to more innovation and patents, new study finds

A new study has found that increasing workforce diversity – in terms of gender, race and sexual orientation – leads to a rise in innovation, specifically with regard to the number of new products announced and how many patents that are created and…