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28 September 2018

McCurdy RPX

The defensive aggregator's new CEO is a much-needed figurehead, but with litigation risk in the US diminishing the former Provenance head faces some serious challenges

01 October 2018

Orange Book PTAB

New research confirms that IPR challenges to life sciences patents have increased in recent years, but the data suggests that their effect on commercially important rights is limited

01 October 2018

Latest data points to another drop in US patent litigation

Numbers for the third quarter show slight uptick in filings from Q2, but 2018 volume expected to fall again year-on-year and to be down by 2,500 from 2015

10 October 2018

Leading home appliances manufacturer granted preliminary injunction against competitor

Following two expert panel reviews, the IP court has granted a preliminary injunction against an international leading company in the coffee machine and home appliances sector on the grounds of patent infringement.

11 October 2018

More on big changes at Intellectual Ventures’ third Invention Investment Fund

Mathan Ganesan confirms that the firm will continue to monetise the 3,000 patents in the fund and that the deal indicates overall market conditions are improving

14 October 2018

Life sciences September

In our latest monthly round-up of patent news from the life sciences – covering September - we report on a crucial CRISPR win for the Broad Institute, the launch of WIPO’s new pharma patent database, important judicial comings goings in the District of Delaware, and a whole lot more besides

12 September 2016

Local working of patents in India: an analysis

The local working of patents is an important requirement in patent regimes all over the world – including India – as well as being a major source of contention. Section 83 of the Patents Act 1970 establishes the general principles regarding the working of patented inventions in India. Patentees are obliged to work their patented inventions in India for social and economic welfare in return for their 20-year monopolies.

12 September 2016

Plant varieties and farmers’ rights: a balancing act

Research and development in India’s agricultural sector, improved production technologies and the availability of high-yield varieties (including during the Green Revolution) fuelled a 350%-plus growth in agricultural production between 1950 and 2008. Even so, plant varieties and farmers’ rights in India have not received as much attention as industrial property rights. But in 2001 the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act was introduced, providing integrated protection to both plant varieties and farmers’ rights.

12 September 2016

The interplay between patents and anti-competitive practices

The interplay between IP rights – particularly patent rights – and the monitoring of anti-competitive practices under competition law is quite a recent development in India, and jurisprudence is still sketchy. It is imperative to understand the processes and practices that appear to push the envelope, from the legitimate exercise of exclusivity to unlawful anti-competitive practices. However, it is difficult to identify the exact point at which a process or practice is deemed to be anti-competitive.

03 May 2018

Xiaomi’s IPO filing sheds light on state of patent portfolio and cost of IP acquisitions

This morning, Xiaomi confirmed that it will seek a public listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong later this year, in what could be the largest tech IPO since Alibaba’s 2014 debut in New York. It is a moment for which the company, including…

24 April 2018

Harsh US government sanctions put huge pressure on ZTE’s IP function to contain damage

One week after the US Department of Commerce announced tough penalties against ZTE in a long-running sanctions violation case, not much clarity has emerged about how exactly the seven year denial of US technology exports will impact the company. The…

23 April 2018

Iancu is promising change, but only action will revive the US’s struggling monetisation market

Since Andrei Iancu took over as USPTO Director in February it has been hard to fault his engagement with the user community. As well as sitting down with IAM just a few weeks into his tenure (he is the cover star of our latest issue), he has been a…

23 April 2018

Taiwanese start-up widens assertion drive in the wake of 2017 Apple settlement

At last week’s IPBC Taiwan conference, managing IP costs emerged as a key theme of conversation – with some suggesting that financial pressure could lead to more monetisation activity. One firm that has recently opted to go down the monetisation…

22 March 2018

Trademarks takeover notwithstanding, new-look SIPO may lose policy clout

Last week’s surprising news that SIPO will be reorganized as part of far-reaching consolidation across the country’s entire state bureaucracy underlined how suddenly reforms can take shape in a closed system such as China’s. There are still as many…

05 March 2018

Dominion Harbor turns again to IV as it buys portfolio of former American Express patents

Dominion Harbor has bought a portfolio of almost 1,000 former American Express patents from Intellectual Ventures in the latest major deal between the two. The transaction follows a deal involving more than 1,200 former NEC assets which was…