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12 September 2016

Local working of patents in India: an analysis

The local working of patents is an important requirement in patent regimes all over the world – including India – as well as being a major source of contention. Section 83 of the Patents Act 1970 establishes the general principles regarding the working of patented inventions in India. Patentees are obliged to work their patented inventions in India for social and economic welfare in return for their 20-year monopolies.

12 September 2016

Plant varieties and farmers’ rights: a balancing act

Research and development in India’s agricultural sector, improved production technologies and the availability of high-yield varieties (including during the Green Revolution) fuelled a 350%-plus growth in agricultural production between 1950 and 2008. Even so, plant varieties and farmers’ rights in India have not received as much attention as industrial property rights. But in 2001 the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act was introduced, providing integrated protection to both plant varieties and farmers’ rights.

12 September 2016

The interplay between patents and anti-competitive practices

The interplay between IP rights – particularly patent rights – and the monitoring of anti-competitive practices under competition law is quite a recent development in India, and jurisprudence is still sketchy. It is imperative to understand the processes and practices that appear to push the envelope, from the legitimate exercise of exclusivity to unlawful anti-competitive practices. However, it is difficult to identify the exact point at which a process or practice is deemed to be anti-competitive.

19 January 2018

Google takes a big step in China and Tencent joins the patent licensing world in major cross-licence deal

Google and Tencent have announced a patent cross-licence deal that they say will pave the way for future technology collaboration. The pact is said to be “long term” and covering “a wide range of products and technologies”. Beyond that there are no…

17 January 2018

Creating a world class innovation infrastructure – lessons from the best of the best

When companies invest to ensure their innovation is of the highest quality, the goods and services they provide ultimately become the better for it - with us all as the beneficiaries. The most successful innovators stand out from others by…

15 January 2018

Bank of America and IBM lead on blockchain patents, but start-ups and other specialists dominate

As the fluctuating bitcoin market has everyone talking, new research has thrown light on which companies are the leading filers of patents related to blockchain, the technology which underpins the world’s best known cryptocurrency, but whose…

15 January 2018

Micron the target of a $42m patent suit as trade secrets row spills into Chinese litigation

A month after finding itself on the receiving end of a trade secret lawsuit from Micron, Taiwan’s UMC has asserted patents in China against the US chip major. This latest litigation means another US semiconductor company finds itself staring down…

12 January 2018

Pharma executives predict increase in patent deal-making following US tax reform

A number of leading pharmaceuticals executives have said that recent US tax reforms will create a more conducive environment for patent transactions. Corroborating forecasts made by leading industry analysts suggest that 2018 will see a significant…

10 January 2018

Ahead of the inaugural IPBC Europe in Amsterdam, an interview with ThyssenKrupp IP chief Stephan Wolke

In March, we introduce a new member of the IPBC family when we launch the inaugural IPBC Europe in Amsterdam. Designed specifically for European businesses, the event will provide key insights to executives at companies based in Europe which are in…

09 January 2018

Former “stupid patent of the month” acquired in latest IP3 auction

When might a stupid patent, not actually be that stupid? Perhaps when it ends up being bought at auction by some of the world’s most sophisticated IP-owning businesses. Well, that is exactly what has just happened with regards to an asset once named…

09 January 2018

IP Bridge joins Panasonic and Sony in Avanci; JPO tipped to endorse platform approach in new guidelines

Last month capped a big year for Avanci, the platform dedicated to licensing wireless SEPs to connected vehicles and other Internet of Things (IoT) verticals. As this blog reported on the company’s first agreement (with BMW) and its disclosure of…

08 January 2018

Former chief judge of the CAFC picks his US patent cases to watch in 2018

As with any news platform focused on the patent world, we keep a close eye on the major court cases in the US, particularly those that have a direct impact on IP value creation. Key decisions from district courts, the Court of Appeals for the…

08 January 2018

Increase in ITC complaints hits firms from Asia, but there does not seem to be a 'Trump factor' at play

As service providers prepare their annual deep-dives into US patent litigation statistics, it looks like the overall number of new district court cases filed will have fallen by about 10% between 2016 and 2017. But over at the International Trade…

05 January 2018

Beijing battle over driverless car tech has parallels to Waymo-Uber

The parallels between Baidu and Alphabet go beyond their positions as the top Web search providers in China and the rest of the world, respectively. Both companies have huge ambitions in the autonomous driving space – in Alphabet’s case through its…