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  • 8 Apr

    Russia's strict requirements for XYZ, abbreviation and acronym trademarks

    Internationally famous brands that consist of simple combinations of letters are familiar to the general public. In some cases, these types of letter combination can be registered in Russia even though the process for successfully doing so can be an uphill battle. Full text

  • 1 Apr

    Trademarks and hashtags in Russia

    The hashtag (#) has come to play a vital role in consumer society, which most businesses cannot afford to overlook. As the use of hashtags grows, Russian law has had to address whether they can be registered as trademarks in Russia and if it is possible for a third party to infringe another entity’s trademark rights by using a hashtag that includes a registered mark. Full text

  • 25 Mar

    Russian courts go into quarantine

    In view of Russia’s national measures against the spread of covid-19, on 18 March 2020 the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and Presidium of the Judges Council of the Russian Federation suspended most hearings in the country’s courts. Full text

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  • 19 Feb

    A case study comparison of the AI chips patent landscape

    Three case studies into recent patent filing activities of Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, Cambricon, Google and Baidu reveal how innovation in the AI chip space is being driven by new technologies and competitors entering the market, the pursuit of diverse applications and varied approaches to attain higher processor speeds and lower power. Full text

  • 12 Feb

    Who is leading the AI chips IP race? Best practice in IP management

    AI and its diverse applications have seen significant market growth in the past decade and an accurate IP landscape analysis can provide deep insight into this crowded space. Global Prior Art Inc conducted extensive research into the companies that have announced AI chips for cloud computing and their focus, which reveals that US and Chinese firms are leading the way. Full text

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  • 11 Dec

    Amount paid for unlawful use of a Community design can be subject to withholding tax

    The Polish Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that the payer must collect withholding tax on the amount paid for the unlawful use of an unregistered Community design. This constitutes a licence fee, because – as the court pointed out – under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital – it is assumed that licence fees also come from a tort. Full text

  • 4 Dec

    Year of change for Polish Industrial Property Law

    With amendments to the trademark regulations in March, further updates and refinements in October and an ongoing discussion on the concept of IP courts, 2019 has been a year of change for the Polish Industrial Property Law. This article addresses the October update, which was adopted on 16 October 2019 and will take effect on 27 February 2020. Full text

  • 6 Nov

    Poland goes the extra mile with new guarantee marks

    On 16 March 2019 the Polish Industrial Property Law underwent significant changes with regard to trademarks, in an effort to align it with the EU Trademarks Directive (2015/2436). One of the most significant alterations is the introduction of so-called ‘guarantee marks’, which replace the previous, scarcely regulated ‘collective guarantee marks’. Full text

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