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  • 20 Nov

    Who is leading the 5G patent race?

    Here is the IPlytics Platform's November update for leaders in the 5G patent race – some firms move up, while others drop off the list of the most influential innovators in this sphere. Full text

  • 16 Oct

    Patent and SEP trends in autonomous driving technologies

    Autonomous driving technology promises to disrupt and transform the automotive space as we know it, spurring a race between giants for the biggest breakthrough in human transportation since the airplane. This technology landscape is now two-pronged, with software and communications companies working on vehicles and automobile companies working on complex software concepts and sensors. This article analyses patent documents as well as standards contributions and SEPs declared to 5G, V2X and 802.11. Full text

  • 25 Sep

    Patent trends in truck platooning

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm over the last decade. One interesting development in the logistics sector has been the increased use of IoT in connected vehicles to enable cruise control, also known as platooning or road-trains. This article focuses on the growth of patent filings in the global truck-platooning market. Full text

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  • 11 Dec

    Amount paid for unlawful use of a Community design can be subject to withholding tax

    The Polish Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that the payer must collect withholding tax on the amount paid for the unlawful use of an unregistered Community design. This constitutes a licence fee, because – as the court pointed out – under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital – it is assumed that licence fees also come from a tort. Full text

  • 4 Dec

    Year of change for Polish Industrial Property Law

    With amendments to the trademark regulations in March, further updates and refinements in October and an ongoing discussion on the concept of IP courts, 2019 has been a year of change for the Polish Industrial Property Law. This article addresses the October update, which was adopted on 16 October 2019 and will take effect on 27 February 2020. Full text

  • 6 Nov

    Poland goes the extra mile with new guarantee marks

    On 16 March 2019 the Polish Industrial Property Law underwent significant changes with regard to trademarks, in an effort to align it with the EU Trademarks Directive (2015/2436). One of the most significant alterations is the introduction of so-called ‘guarantee marks’, which replace the previous, scarcely regulated ‘collective guarantee marks’. Full text

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  • 22 Jan

    Medtech M&A: companies must choose their targets carefully

    The medtech sector is growing at a rapid rate, with strategic M&A contributing heavily to this rise. Big corporations are taking a thorough approach to their acquisition targets based on the balance and value that they could add to their product and patent portfolio. It is therefore crucial to assign the correct value to patent offerings along with products and other assets in order to score a fair deal. Full text

  • 18 Dec

    How to leverage blocking patents to get the most out of R&D

    Be it tech exploitation or just exploring, the patents that block those of your competitors offer valuable answers to where to innovate. The question is, what kind of patent analysis other than the traditional approaches can provide this data? Full text

  • 30 Oct

    How to thrive in a crowded market

    A saturated market means eager buyers – it also means strong demand. That is why so many competitors have been able to coexist for so many years. However, when a business is trying to emerge and thrive in an already crowded market, the seemingly excessive number of players can be misleading. This article focuses on some ways to spot and exploit the opportunities to succeed in such areas. Full text