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  • 12 Jun

    Who are the patent leaders in blockchain?

    There are new uses for the underlying technology in cryptocurrency – blockchain – emerging almost every day. While we are yet to see where this technology will be applied in the commercial sector, data from the IPlytics Platform shows that large corporations are starting to build blockchain IP portfolios. Full text

  • 17 Apr

    SEPs in the auto industry – the case of 5G

    Similar to the transition in the mobile phone industry from feature phones to smartphones, we will see shifts and profit redistribution within the auto industry. Most market experts predict dramatic changes in this market as a result of disruptive technology trends such as self-driving vehicles, electrification and connectivity via technologies like 5G. Full text

  • 3 Apr

    Who is patenting AI technology?

    When we think of AI, we think of pop-culture’s depiction of an existential threat to mankind. While the reality is much less dramatic, it is important to be aware of how integrated AI already is in everyday life. This article looks at patent filing trends for AI technology and what this means for businesses.  Full text

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  • 8 May

    New approach to trademark registrability

    An amendment to the Industrial Property Law aims to implement the provisions in the EU Directive 2015/2436 that approximate EU member states’ trademark laws. The amendment has simplified the definition of a ‘trademark’ and, as a result, has removed the graphical representation requirement when filing an application with the Polish Patent Office. Full text

  • 10 Apr

    Registered and ordinary pledges for entry into the trademark register

    A company’s logo is recognised as one of its most valuable assets rather than a mere characteristic. This has resulted in an increased interest in securing claims by encumbering trademarks with pledges. However, confusion may arise as to the distinction between a registered and ordinary pledge and its entry into the Polish Patent Office’s trademark register. Full text

  • 12 Mar

    What do VAT changes mean for collecting societies?

    The minister of finance has issues new rules for correcting value added tax accrued on fees paid by producers and importers of blank media, recording and reproduction devices to copyright collecting societies, clarifying the tax situation for them. Full text

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  • 22 May

    Latest amendments to the Patent Act add muscle to patent filing system

    The Legislative Yuan has passed draft amendments to the Patent Act, which are intended to strengthen Taiwan’s legal system for patent filing. The amendments include relaxed restrictions on the range of and deadline for filing divisional applications and an extension of the patent term for design patents. Full text

  • 15 May

    Latest IP issues discussed in Judicial Yuan IP Law Seminar

    On 6 May 2019 the Judicial Yuan held the IP Law Seminar to discuss issues with how IP law intersects with administrative litigation and criminal litigation. In attendence were judges from the IP Court, along with representatives of judges from the district courts, the Intellectual Property Office, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Bar Association, the Patent Attorney Association and the Asia Patent Attorneys Association. Full text

  • 8 May

    Supreme Court clarifies reasonable protection measures

    The Supreme Court has clarified the definition of ‘reasonable measures’ in a decision that will please companies operating in Taiwan. The judgment challenges the previous assumption that companies must take all possible measures to meet the reasonable measures requirement, which placed a significant burden on them. Full text

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