25 Mar


This inaugural Special Report from IAM showcases exclusive data and analysis on the largest portfolio owners in the United States, Europe and China.

These companies are the world’s most important patent owners spread across the biggest economies and armed with IP rights that underpin all the latest technologies – from 5G wireless technology to life-saving medicines.

With technological trends such as convergence and the rise in importance of patent systems outside of the United States, these grants give companies numerous opportunities to generate value as well as to protect billions in R&D investments.

The numbers also offer clear clues as to which companies are doubling down on their patenting efforts and which are pulling back. Our analysis goes further to dig deep into the portfolios of some of the largest patent players in the United States to add additional levels of detail in terms of innovation trends in some key sectors, along with in-depth case studies of individual companies.

Quantity does not equal quality, but as we ponder the impact of various new innovations, digging deep into a company’s portfolio or looking at trends within a sector can reveal the billion-dollar technology bets being placed by the world’s largest IP owners.

That is why, as well as the headline numbers, we have included additional analysis on individual businesses and unpacked some of the most noteworthy recent developments in some of the world’s hottest sectors.

IAM would also like to take this opportunity to thank the teams at ktMINE and Dolcera for providing the data and much of the analysis for this report.

Richard Lloyd


IAM magazine

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