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Federal Circuit protects infringement demand letters as free speech

As long as an allegation is made in good faith – meaning not objectively baseless – the First Amendment protects a patent holder’s right to send them

17 March 2023

Moderna’s efforts to deflect covid vaccine infringement liability run into more difficulties

Surprise intervention of US government has not helped the mRNA company

17 March 2023

EDTX judge’s new limine order takes name-calling off the table

Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap’s standing order, which bans terms like “patent troll” among other things, is expected to benefit clients by saving them money

16 March 2023

SVB’s collapse is a reminder of how far IP finance still has to travel

Like many others, the bank held thousands of patents as security for loan deals, but almost certainly had no idea of their value – or lack of it

16 March 2023

Five things to watch in US Supreme Court oral argument in Amgen v Sanofi

Chief IP officers at large and small companies – especially life sciences – are closely watching the case which promises to settle debate about what comprises sufficient enablement under Section 112

15 March 2023

Senate IP subcommittee appointments inspire cautious optimism for patent owners

Senators Chris Coons and Thom Tillis – both pro-patentee – take the lead but it doesn’t mean bills will pass

14 March 2023

Five patent takeaways from Pfizer’s $43 billion Seagen buyout

The takeover of the biopharma innovator is the largest pharma sector deal since 2019

14 March 2023

Neurodiversity and mental health: Celebrating difference in the IP profession

This Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Equifax IP chief Elizabeth Lester shares her personal experience and approach to working with neurodivergent innovators

14 March 2023

Uncovering US trade secret case trends

Docket Navigator data shows the top courts, judges, and parties of 2022 – and reveals trends in new federal trade secrets cases in the US

13 March 2023

OpenSky: ending another round of IPR abuse whack-a-mole

Saturday Opinion: USPTO Director Kathi Vidal’s sanctions are a good start, but more must be done to curb untoward behaviour going forward

11 March 2023

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