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Bristol-Myers Squibb and Dana-Farber settle landmark dispute

Here's what you should know about the parties’ long-running battle over lucrative immuno-therapy patents

13 April 2023

On both sides of the Atlantic, patent policy is dictated by deep pockets not evidence

In the US and Europe, immensely wealthy businesses that use technology created by others to drive their profits have succeeded in tilting the playing field in their favour

13 April 2023

Statute of limitations is a key issue in Delaware trade secret dispute

The ongoing Illumina case highlights three valuable lessons for trade secret owners in the United States: monitor former employees’ patent filings, be cognisant of the applicable statute of limitations, and carefully plead any facts that are available to support its tolling.

12 April 2023

New Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 lawsuit adds to complex web of mRNA disputes

Genevant and Arbutus are seeking to cash in with another legal action targeting best-selling jab makers

11 April 2023

Masimo and Apple patent duel heats up in California courtroom

The medical device company is seeking $3 billion and has won ITC orders that might stop Apple Watch imports this summer, but Apple has won PTAB cases and launched its own infringement suit

10 April 2023

Patent litigation’s uncertain intersection between venue and alternative service of process

Rights holders in the United States are attempting to use alternative service of process to gain access to preferred venues in cases against foreign defendants

07 April 2023

Walking the tightrope between infringement notice and declaratory judgment risk

A carefully written letter puts a competitor on notice of infringement without creating legal controversy

05 April 2023

The top US patent jury verdicts of 2023’s first quarter

Finesse Wireless won the most in litigation against AT&T over Nokia base stations, while DISH Networks gets the biggest defence win – overturning a $470 million jury verdict

03 April 2023

Why pharma companies should file clinical trial-related patents later in the R&D process

Life sciences innovators should take a different approach to prosecution, argues Mintz's Alex Trimble

31 March 2023

Samsung claims against former IP head and patent counsel to proceed

A Texas judge rules that seeking to dismiss counterclaims against Seung-Ho Ahn and Sungil Cho ‘rings of forum shopping’

30 March 2023

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