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Amgen v Sanofi highlights growing ambiguity of pharma IP strategies

Saturday Opinion: SCOTUS enablement review has exposed divisions among innovative life sciences companies

18 February 2023

Vidal’s ruling in Samsung v Netlist IPR may help unveil real-parties-in-interest

It’s a win for the patent owner seeking to reveal who is behind the IPR petitioner, and may deliver estoppel benefits in underlying district court litigation

17 February 2023

You’ve been sued: What international patent litigants must know about US alternative service of process

Global defendants increasingly refuse to waive service of process to obtain more time to file IPRs, but the US District Court for the Western District of Texas is allowing alternative service

16 February 2023

InterDigital celebrates record licensing revenues in 2022

Revenue from Apple’s renewal hit the books and the company is conservatively estimating revenue from Samsung as their arbitration proceeds

15 February 2023

What college football can teach SPAC sponsors

SPACs can learn much from Coach Saban’s so-called ‘seven-second process’, reshaping it into a unique method to keep investors excited about target businesses and their intangible assets during the dreaded transfer portal period.

15 February 2023

GC of Australian mining tech company on ‘intense’ US ITC victory in global patent battle

Michael Tomasz hails result as a ‘strong outcome for IP protection’ in exclusive IAM interview

14 February 2023

Cedar Lane Technologies dominates US computer centre case filings in 2022

Docket Navigator data shows the NPE far outstripped other highly assertive entities in volume and attained a 98% settlement rate

13 February 2023

US legislators and government agencies take aim at pharma patent strategies

The Senate Judicial Committee has advanced several IP bills targeting life sciences rights owners

13 February 2023

SEP holders hotly contest Stout’s ‘SEP privateer’ report

One of the targets says its actually an R&D lab, while another swears its rates match those of major SEP licensors and questions the report’s analytical method

10 February 2023

Fintiv discretionary denial rate slides to 11% in 2022 under Vidal’s hand

The latest instalment of the IAM-Docket Navigator US patent litigation special report puts the magnifying glass to data on discretionary denials

09 February 2023

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