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Can you keep a secret? How demonstrating prospective inventions in public can put it at risk

It is crucial to keep your invention secret until an application has been submitted to the patent office. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be given to testing or demonstrating any prospective inventions in public.

10 March 2021

Top EPO representatives 2020

Featured in Prosecution data

Hoffmann Eitle filed more applications on behalf of clients than anyone else last year, followed by Grünecker and Dehns

04 March 2021

UK court clarifies when patents can be used without owner authorisation for “the service of the crown”

Concerns that rarely deployed Crown Use might become more commonplace have been significantly alleviated after appeals judges deliver ruling in IPCom v Vodafone

03 March 2021

How virtual working has had a positive impact on UK IP litigation

Almost one year on from the start of the UK lockdown, professionals in the UK IP sphere reflect on how the UK courts have adapted to the new normal in the IP space.

03 March 2021

How hub-and-spoke businesses are creating new pharma IP monetisation models

The launch of Centessa is the latest development in a trend that has big implications for the monetisation of unpartnered or deprioritised IP-backed pharma assets

23 February 2021

Dialog’s patents will boost Renesas’ fast growing licensing business

The purchase of the UK chipmaker will contribute to the monetisation programme’s potential, particularly within circuit technologies

19 February 2021

Seven top IP tips for biotech SMEs

How smaller biotechs can best overcome pitfalls and maximise the value of their inventions

18 February 2021

Open Invention Network adds major banks to membership with Barclays and TD Bank sign-ups

Risk from rivals, threats from patent assertion entities and the widespread adoption of open source software is increasing financial institutions’ interest in defensive networks, says OIN CEO

15 February 2021

No UK withdrawal from the EPO despite plan to join CPTPP, says government spokesperson

The apparent incompatibility in grace period provisions between the two agreements not seen as an obstacle to membership of both

12 February 2021

Five IP takeaways from Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ $7 billion medical cannabis buyout

A major milestone in the medical cannabinoid patent market has been passed

09 February 2021

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