Region: United Kingdom

F-Star buyout delay shows growing national security disruption to patent dealmaking

Purchase by Sino Biopharm subsidiary has been put on hold by US authorities

04 January 2023

Protecting trade secrets in the United Kingdom

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q4: Trade secret strategy playbook

16 November 2022

Global tracker: trade secret law

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q4: Trade secret strategy playbook

16 November 2022

Nokia wins another UK victory over Oppo, adding to string of European wins

Forthcoming Chinese decisions are however likely to be more impactful in global battle

10 November 2022

Nokia scores major UK victory over Oppo

The Supreme Court has rejected a request from the Chinese company to stay London litigation pending the outcome of a FRAND suit in Chongqing

01 November 2022

English court of appeal hands landmark victory to Optis in further blow to Apple

Judges also criticised the current SEP dispute resolution system as dysfunctional and urged for ETSI solution

28 October 2022

Why English litigation will retain a crucial strategic role in the era of the UPC

Though the UK will not be part of the new pan-EU system, it will contain to play a vital role in European litigation

26 October 2022

United Kingdom: Patent Litigation

Featured in Global Patent Litigation 2023

Expert evidence is often determinative of patent actions. It is of paramount importance to ensure that the legal team has the expertise to identify the correct experts, instruct them correctly (particularly to avoid allegations of hindsight) and aid the drafting of their report in accordance with the rules.

26 October 2022

UK IPO case studies offer some clarity on AI invention patentability

Saturday Opinion: EIP patent attorneys discuss value of concrete examples including as important ammunition for prosecution of AI cases

22 October 2022

Top EPO representatives 2021

Featured in Prosecution data

The three leading representative IP firms at the EPO in 2020 retained their positions last year, with Hoffman Eitle sitting at the top of the table for the fourth time since we started following the data

23 September 2022

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