Region: United Kingdom

Australian pharma patentees must remain vigilant on third-party damages

Recent decisions have calmed concerns about a surge of lawsuits against patentees by third parties, but a significant risk remains

22 July 2021

Tough decisions at the EPO: balancing parameter clarity with protecting innovation

EPO practice is notoriously strict on the clarity of parameters. While a more applicant-friendly approach is possible, it may allow claims with ambiguous parameters to be granted, which could cause confusion for third parties.

21 July 2021

Apple's threat to leave UK market over SEP dispute should not be dismissed as a bluff

In FRAND dust-up with Optis, the iPhone maker has raised the stakes and that could end with the British government getting involved

19 July 2021

Measuring up measurement methods – how to understand EPO patent parameters

EPO parameter standards are strict and getting stricter, with even strong applications being refused based on measurement methods. Understanding the parameters gives applicants a much stronger chance to get their patents confirmed.

14 July 2021

New SPC data demonstrates the commercial power of patent extension rights in Europe

A recent report into supplementary protection certificates provides crucial insights for IP strategists and policy-makers

08 July 2021

Nokia launches patent litigation against Oppo across Europe and Asia

The two companies have been re-negotiating a 2018 licensing deal covering wireless technologies

08 July 2021

UK Supreme Court quashes £220 million third-party lawsuit against patent litigant

Country’s National Health Service fails to overturn rules on damages sought by healthcare providers affected by failed enforcement

07 July 2021

Being clear on unclear parameters – how to stay clear of patent traps at the EPO

EPO practice has become increasingly strict with regard to the clarity of parameters, which can land applicants in the so-called ‘unclear essential parameter trap’, where innovative patents may be refused on purely formal grounds. However, steps can be taken to ensure that applicants stay well clear of such dangerous ground.

07 July 2021

Sisvel, Xiaomi reach settlement over cellular patents

Deal ends litigation in China and Europe, with Xiaomi gaining rights to mobile patents owned by Sisvel and Mitsubishi Electric

30 June 2021

University and Big Pharma JV’s $145 million take-off is a big boost for tech transfer dealmaking

Apollo Therapeutics is an innovative biotech formed by three UK universities and three major companies, with a promising model for creating and monetising life sciences IP

29 June 2021

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