Region: United Kingdom

Nokia uses UPC and Munich court to turn up the pressure on Hewlett-Packard

HP becomes latest SEP implementer to be targeted at the Unified Patent Court

22 November 2023

Key Moderna mRNA patent invalidated by EPO

The revocation has major implications for the covid-19 vaccine patent wars

21 November 2023

Historic CRISPR drug approval heralds new era in Cas9 IP wars

Green light for first ever Cas9 therapy ushers in next phase of licensing and litigation efforts.

17 November 2023

Ilya Kazi

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2024

16 November 2023

Bristol-Myers fighting intense battle to keep Eliquis generics off European markets

What you need to know about one of 2023's most important patent wars

14 November 2023

UKIPO survey suggests SME concerns with SEP licensing landscape

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2022/2023

Given the importance of SMEs and small businesses to the United Kingdom’s aspirations in sectors such as the IoT and smart energy, the concerns indicated in a recent UKIPO survey should be heard and taken on board.

07 November 2023

Keeping trade secrets "secret" can trump open justice

A recent English Court of Appeal ruling to keep confidential information under wraps offers comfort to IP owners

03 November 2023

UPC builds momentum as SEP battleground with Nokia’s Amazon suits

Finnish company uses UPC-plus-Germany strategy in latest suits which concern SEPs and implementation patents

02 November 2023

United Kingdom: SEPs and FRAND – litigation, policy and latest developments

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

The United Kingdom has become a popular forum for SEP owners seeking to resolve their licensing disputes with implementers of their standardised technology. However, not all the consequences of the its global approach have been resolved and further cases due to be heard will illuminate how the United Kingdom’s approach fits into the global FRAND framework.

27 October 2023

Wave of biosimilars patent disputes hits the UK

Stelara IP wars continue to be waged in London, despite recent flurry of settlements

17 October 2023

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