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Dividing UPC life sciences division would be a mistake, warns Bracco IP strategy chief

Splitting what should have been the London court’s competencies between Paris and Munich must only be a temporary fix, says Francesco Macchetta

06 October 2020

Arm’s patents will help Nvidia in many of the world’s high-growth industries

The proposed tie-up would significantly improve the US company’s IP cover in a number of key areas – but would not come consequence free

05 October 2020

Acacia latest life sciences play is about intangible assets - but not patents

Acquisition of stake in data-focused, medtech business, Sensyne is another sign of the NPE’s push to diversify its holdings

30 September 2020

EPO plant patent decision imperils businesses like ours, says Bayer’s head of IP

Joerg Thomaier tells IAM that the Enlarged Board of Appeal got it wrong in a recent controversial ruling, but says the case is now closed and companies have to learn to live with it

22 September 2020

Despite last Wednesday's Supreme Court decision, the UK won't become the global hub for resolving FRAND disputes

The Unwired Planet/Conversant judgment was great news for SEP owners, but Brexit Britain is not economically or politically important enough to be home to the world's royalty-setting court

29 August 2020

Following big UK win, Conversant seals injunction against ZTE and Huawei in German suit

CEO Teksler tells IAM it has been “a long time in the making” after Düsseldorf verdict adds extra gloss to a big week for the NPE

28 August 2020

Translational research key to realising value of university IP, says UCL biopharma chief

Dr Richard Fagan of University College London Business tells IAM about the process of turning patents for early-stage research into investable assets

27 August 2020

Unwired Planet and Conversant - victory for evidence-based, practicable and rational interpretation

The verdict on today’s landmark win for SEP owners in the UK Supreme Court

26 August 2020

Reactions to today’s huge UK Supreme Court victory for Unwired Planet and Conversant

Rights owners’ golden summer continues, the China angle, a growing consensus on some key FRAND questions and more as the market reacts to decision

26 August 2020

UK Supreme Court hands Unwired Planet and Conversant victory in key SEP FRAND dispute

Huge decision confirms that English court can require a company to take a global licence and can adjudicate multinational FRAND disputes

26 August 2020

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