Region: Ukraine

USPTO warns users on paying Russia for patent services using sanctioned banks

But the agency's official website still provides detailed instructions on how to route PCT search payments to VTB Bank and the Central Bank of Russia

11 April 2022

How one IP attorney is organising supplies and support for the people of Ukraine

IAM's sister platform World Trademark Review spoke to a Brussels-based trademark lawyer on a personal mission to help those affected by the Russian invasion

29 March 2022

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affects the future of IP

Short-term risk management challenges the attack poses are only one part of the equation. Vladimir Putin’s actions raise important longer-term issues too

18 March 2022

IP risk management has never been more important

Saturday Opinion: Understandably, the challenges to rights holders posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine are not a frontline issue, but they exist nevertheless. Businesses need to understand what they are and then mitigate them

12 March 2022

Changes to Ukraine’s IP laws have major implications for the life sciences

Two recent pieces of legislation have brought the country’s patent system more closely in line with EU rules

14 September 2020

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