Region: Thailand

Radeemada Mungkarndee

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2024

16 November 2023

New ASEAN patent examination guidelines a “catalyst” for boosting region’s presence on global IP stage

The common guidelines streamline patent filing and prosecution processes across member states, improving transparency and predictability for domestic and foreign innovators alike

11 August 2023


Featured in Special Report 2022 Q2: The Asia IP Elite

30 May 2022

The Asia IP Elite – a shared commitment to excellence across very different markets

IAM reveals the top in-house IP teams from India, Southeast Asia and Australasia

14 December 2020

RCEP is a leap for China but a small step for IP

World’s largest trade pact is not a show-stopper when it comes to IP, but it will bring changes to ASEAN and clouds US ability to set regional agenda

21 November 2020

Patents in Asia 2020: Thailand

04 November 2020

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: Southeast Asia

29 November 2019

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: The new innovation battleground

Businesses trying to deepen their knowledge of filing in Asia need look no further than this annual report, copublished by IAM and leading IP firms

29 November 2019

IAM honours Asia’s IP leaders

The winners of our annual Asia IP Elite awards for the teams, deal and individual of the year were revealed before a sold-out crowd at IPBC Asia 2019

31 October 2019

Manufacturing trends could shift patent focus from China

Samsung, Sony and Google are among the companies who are shifting smartphone production from China to Southeast Asia

15 October 2019

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