Region: Taiwan

For Taiwan firms, the time is now for patent monetisation

Recent moves by MediaTek, Asus and Acer all show that IP owners are seeking to boost returns

20 January 2022

Impending amendments set to rewrite Taiwan’s copyright regime

The amended Taiwanese Copyright Act, once passed, will have a transformative impact in introducing greater flexibility with regard to the economic rights of a work. It will also change the ways in which content is broadcasted.

19 January 2022

Copyright decision highlights the commercial hazards of using orphan works

Taiwan’s top court has clarified the scope of compulsory licensing in an attempt to safeguard consumers from becoming involved in copyright infringement disputes further down the line.

12 January 2022

Chinese court asked to quash "malicious" patent assertion campaign

Appotronics says it’s suing in Guangzhou IP Court to stop patent suits filed by a major Taiwanese company

06 January 2022

What’s ahead for the global IP market in 2022

Predictions from the IAM editorial team on what the next twelve months have in store

03 January 2022

Taiwan lens maker turns to patent enforcement amid rising competition

Lawsuit against Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility signals shift in company’s strategy as it turns to its patent portfolio for value creation opportunities

30 November 2021

MediaTek and NXP in patent clash at ITC amidst growing US chip shortage

Leading semiconductor companies both seek limited exclusion orders to halt imports at a time when supplies are tight

11 November 2021

TV shopping channel found liable for counterfeits provided by third party

A recent case involving luxury goods company Burberry serves as a timely reminder that retail platforms and the third parties that supply them can both be found liable for trademark infringement.

20 October 2021

TSMC has catalogued more than 140,000 trade secrets since 2013, company says

Chipmaker has operated a trade secret registration system for eight years, and is now looking to shore up management practices among its suppliers

01 October 2021

Applicants watch out – TIPO publishes stricter examination guidelines

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office has tightened its rules on amending claims and specifications. In particular, it is vital that applicants disclose the correct numerical values and ranges of values in the original claim, as any amendments to these will no longer be accepted.

29 September 2021

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