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TSMC's IP head on using a multi-pronged IP strategy to drive growth

The world’s largest semiconductor maker expects to keep facing NPE lawsuits as it expands globally, IP associate general counsel Billie Chen reveals

28 February 2024

Analysing TSMC’s use of IP to minimise risk during expansion

The semiconductor giant has become increasingly focused on both its patent and trade secrets strategy at a time when it is also experiencing threats and risks from all sides

08 February 2024

TSMC’s gold-plated approach to trade secrets strategy

IAM caught up with Associate General Counsel Dr Fortune Shieh about rewarding innovators and how the company clocked up more than 100,000 new trade secrets in a single year

19 January 2024

Amended National Security Act imposes stricter punishments on trade secret misappropriation following new list of crucial tech

Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council has released its first list of 22 technologies that it deems crucial to national security, signalling a strong determination to enhance trade secret protection in the semiconductor space and other sensitive industries.

17 January 2024

Behind the IP strategy of Taiwan’s leading tech incubator

ITRI’s IP head talks to IAM about the institute’s growing focus on international licensing and on asset transfers for litigation

02 January 2024

Package inserts prove crucial in patent linkage litigation in Taiwan

A deep dive into the relevant case law suggests that courts in Taiwan take the indications listed in package inserts into careful consideration when determining whether a generic drug falls within the disputed patent's scope, so generic drug companies should be cautious when adopting a design-around strategy.

20 December 2023

Orange, Sisvel SEP assertion wins above-FRAND rate for HTC's unwillingness

The jury verdict sends a message about consequences that unwilling licensees may face in US courts

31 October 2023

Start-ups can gain design protection faster with new accelerated examination programme

TIPO’s new pilot programme allows certain applicants to swiftly secure protection for their design patents, facilitates rapid responses to counterfeit designs and assists award winners and start-ups to obtain patent rights.

27 September 2023

Apple, Alibaba and Uni-President Enterprise among top filers for green marks in Taiwan

Taiwan’s IP office has released a report analysing the number of green trademark applications filed in the past 10 years. It also reveals that the majority of green-mark strategies are based on energy saving, pollution control and energy products.

20 September 2023

IP court provides much-needed clarity on distinction between novelty and fictitious novelty

A court ruling has confirmed that the criteria for fictitious novelty follows the ‘expanded novelty’ model and proves the court’s ability to understand legal issues from an international perspective. Parties involved in related disputes should carefully analyse their cases to win a favourable decision on different legal grounds.

02 August 2023

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