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IBM defeats antitrust claim by LzLabs in patent dispute

Big Blue’s infringement and trade secret litigation now proceeds to discovery in Texas case against the smaller mainframe software company

29 March 2023

Trade secrets rise up the corporate agenda as IP officers express optimism over future innovation waves

Experts see digital, deep science innovation driving productivity - with IP protections

20 January 2023

Changed political climate may influence latest implementer v SEP licensor antitrust action

Although u-blox's litigation against InterDigital raises familiar legal arguments, questions remain about the impact of a new antitrust chief and lack of SEP/FRAND policy statement

17 January 2023

WIPO patent chief on SEPs, patent quality and the future

Deputy Director General Lisa Jorgenson speaks to IAM about SEPs, patent quality and eligibility, and her five-year outlook

02 November 2022

Martin Wilming

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2022

"I firmly believe that supporting, encouraging and entrusting people to reach their full potential and uphold the firm’s values is key."

22 November 2021

Life science leaders

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q3: IP leadership - what it is and why it matters

09 September 2021

Chip company’s copyright win in China shows promise of shifting evidence burden in IP cases

Court in Hangzhou gets tough on a Chinese company that refused to provide its source code for infringement analysis on national security grounds

11 August 2021

SCOTUS appeal a reminder that small IP mistakes can have disastrous consequences

Invalidation of mistranslated US patent is against TRIPS requirements, argues Swiss company that lost ANDA litigation as a result of the decision

11 March 2021

Sisvel and u-blox eye future cooperation after settlement announcement

Auto supplier and licensing specialist end FRAND litigation and agree “multi-year solution”

28 September 2020

The top 10 takeaways from this year’s Global Innovation Index

The latest edition of the annual WIPO publication reveals that Europe and North America still lead despite rising innovation levels in Asia

09 September 2020

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