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Two recent WiLAN deals vindicate Panasonic's strategy of outsourcing patent monetisation to NPEs

WiLAN announced two significant licensing deals last week, each involving patent portfolios that had been assigned to it by Japanese electronics giant Panasonic. As well as delivering potentially important returns for the firm, the agreements also…

07 December 2015

A global view: rethinking patent portfolio strategy

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2016 – Building IP value in the 21st century

There was a time when patent portfolio managers could follow the idiom ‘think global, act local’. As a practical matter, they could dominate a global market while holding patents in just a handful of jurisdictions, or sometimes even just one. That…

23 October 2015

Misinformation and misinterpretation abound as the TPP passes after years of wrangling

Negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries announced yesterday that they had reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade liberalisation pact covering 40% of the world’s economy which has proven controversial for, among other…

06 October 2015

For $37 billion, a semiconductor patent powerhouse is born - with its nerve centre in south-east Asia

After several days of rumours, it was confirmed yesterday that Singapore-incorporated electronics components manufacturer Avago Technologies has made an offer to acquire US semiconductor company Broadcom for $37 billion in what the Wall Street…

29 May 2015

Microsoft USPTO patent assignments may indicate a change of monetisation strategy

In the Data centre section of each issue of IAM magazine, we include tables outlining the preceding two months’ top assignors and assignees of patents as recorded at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The data – which is provided by ktMINE – ranks…

20 March 2015

NXP-Freescale merger underlines patent power shift in semiconductor sector

Barely a quarter of 2015 has passed and we have already seen four significant M&A events take place in the microchip industry. The latest (and largest of 2015, to date) was revealed at the start of this week, when the Netherlands’ NXP Semiconductors…

05 March 2015

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